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3D|CORE™ XPS PROPERTIES AND TECHNICAL DATA Status: 01.02.2021 The 3D|CORE™ XPS is a polystyrene foam which is suitable for ultra-lightweight construction applications. The honeycomb structure provides more flexibility and is easy to handle. The core is applicable with all known Epoxy and PU resin systems. PROPERTIES Closed-cell foam (no water absorption, no re-expansion, no outgassing) Ultra-light foam Long-term thermal stability up to 70°C Processing temperature up to 40°C Easy processing with all known Epoxy and PU resin systems Not applicable with Styrene Homogenous connection of all components Excellent surface adhesion (connection between the surfaces and core) Highly consistent material properties Excellent thermal insulation Integrated flow mesh APPLICATION Ship and boat building: hull, deck, interior Industrial components: sport equipment, furniture Architecture and Construction: roofs, walls, panels Motorsport: spoiler, bonnet, side elements Sports & Leisure: Kanu, Surfboard PROCESSING Hand lay-up Vacuum Infusion Vacuum Assisted Light-RTM Bonding

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3D|CORE™ XPS TECHNICAL DATA Status: 01.02.2021 (1): The values above are the actual values of the suppliers of the precursor material. We cannot give a guarantee for the quality of the values and the related measurements. 3D|CORE primarily evaluates the properties of processing of the individual foam system knowing that the quality of the foam core is essential for the quality of the composite. The size of cavities and the properties have a major influence of the final part. Please regard that every part requires its own calculation of strength and component testing. (NH_17.10.2017) (2):...

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