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3D|CORE™ Markets - 2

MARKETS YOUR IDEA - OUR SOLUTION The applications of our high-strength, ultra-light 3D|CORE™ core materials are endless and are already benefiting a wide range of customers in a variety of industries. Our goal: a sustainable future. That's why we actively work every day to develop forward-looking solutions that minimize CO2 emissions, achieve resource-saving processes and reduce the cost of your product life cycle. We make your products more environmentally friendly. Our versatile products always adapt to your individual requirements. Whether weight reduction, longer component life, more...

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3D|CORE™ Markets - 3

BOOMS & SPARS STRUCTURAL REINFORCEMENT KEEL MARINE LIGHTWEIGHT AT SEA Lightweight construction, cost efficiency, safety and environmental friendliness are today's key factors for marine applications and easily achievable with 3D|CORE™. Because we know: Watercrafts are only as good as the materials they are made of. The use of 3D|CORE™ products means a drastic reduction in weight with the same strengths. The highquality composite materials ensure efficient use of resources, pave the way towards economical production to maximize the performance of lightweight and rigid components, and also...

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3D|CORE™ Markets - 4

ROOF CONTROL PANEL CEILING INTERIOR TRIM PARTITION WALLS UNDERBODY PANELLING RAILWAY LIGHTNESS IN HIGH SPEED The demands on modern railways in terms of safety, energy efficiency and weight are becoming increasingly high. Rail vehicles must last for decades and must not wear out prematurely despite daily acceleration and deceleration processes. The fire protection standard according to DIN EN 45545-2, which applies throughout Europe, presents designers with additional challenges in the selection of suitable materials. Furthermore, the issue of sustainability and safety plays a major role in...

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3D|CORE™ Markets - 5

INTERIOR TRIM SIDE ELEMENTS FLOORING UNDERBODY PANELLING TRANSPORT LOAD MORE WITH EASE The advantages of lightweight transporters are clear to see: compared to conventional vehicles, they impress with an enormous payload increase thanks to their low weight and can thus carry significantly more freight. They are also indispensable for reducing the CO2 footprint of a transport operation, as the weight advantages are clearly noticeable in fuel consumption. If empty runs cannot be avoided, this aspect also plays a key role in terms of cost benefits. The biggest challenge in road haulage is to...

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3D|CORE™ Markets - 6

MASTS PIPES WINDING DYNAMICALLY LIGHTWEIGHT Manufacturers and engineers of wound components will also have to deal with the issue of sustainability and weight saving in the near future, especially as the use of expensive materials is often chosen. The laminate plans usually include countless layers of glass or carbon fibre with high resin uptake to achieve the desired technical properties. This is exactly where 3D|CORE™ comes in. 3D|CORE™ TAPES are specially designed for the winding process and simplify the production of pipes, masts, rollers and tanks. They are made from our...

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3D|CORE™ Markets - 7

SIDE ELEMENTS UNDERBODY PANELLING BATTERY HOUSING AUTOMOTIVE LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION WITH SPEED Lightweight construction is one of the biggest challenges facing the automotive industry. Automobile manufacturers and suppliers are confronted with high demands for vehicle weight reduction and its effects on fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and manufacturing costs. On-board electronics, including modern safety systems, are becoming increasingly complex and add a great amount of weight. This weight not only has a negative impact on fuel consumption, but is also at the expense of driving...

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3D|CORE™ Markets - 8

SKATEBOARD SNOWBOARD SKI KAYAK SPORTS & LEISURE WITH LIGHTNESS TO PEAK PERFORMANCE Sports equipment designed to withstand intense loads and achieve peak performance requires structural reinforcement that does not come at the expense of its own weight. 3D|CORE™ products offer advantages for a wide range of demanding sports applications. They can be used to produce particularly lightweight, high-strength, durable components that are resistant to bending. Sports in and on the water in particular benefit from the fact that the closed-cell 3D|CORE™ foam cores do not absorb water. YOUR BENEFITS...

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3D|CORE™ Markets - 9

FACADES ROOFS PANELS COVERINGS DESIGN ELEMENTS DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION WITHOUT LIMITS Lightweight solutions have become much more important for designers and architects. Lightweight materials are easier to assemble and reduce the cost of construction and product solutions. For users, lightweight construction results in additional flexibility, maximization of usable space, and faster construction progress. A main argument for lightweight construction is also the saving of raw materials. 3D|CORE™ unnecessary material consumption. They also allow the construction of...

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3D|CORE™ Markets - 10

ROTOR BLADES WIND ENERGY CLIMATE PROTECTION BEGINS IN PRODUCTION The expansion of wind turbines is essential for achieving the climate targets. However, several tons of CO2 could already be saved in the production of the turbines. We support you in reducing your costs and contributing to a sustainable world. 3D|CORE™ products save large amounts of fibre and thus reduce the weight of rotor blades, nacelles and spinners. At the same time, strength, stiffness, resilience and service life are increased. For particularly large components, such as rotor blades, 3D|CORE™ ROLLS, as up to 64 meters...

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