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Catalogue excerpts


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LIGHTER, TOUGHER, FASTER ALL SAILING TYPES AND ALL CONDITIONS Developed for all types of sailing, all conditions, all year round. Isotak boasts high waterproof and breathability specifications with the latest in membrane technology that is more immune to salt degradation. Isotak includes only the features and details you need for high performance racing, reducing the bulk so you are lighter and faster while staying superbly dry and comfortable.

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WARMER LIGHTER FASTER Zhiksheli is a tri layer tabhc with all the technology you expect (rom Zhik. Breathable, water proot. water repellent, 4 way stretch and fleece Inner. Our ZhikShell range extends with a new vest

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QUICK DRYING ANTIBACTERIAL Shorl Sleeve Polo Zhikdry Short Sleeve Top Zhikdry Long Sleeve Polo Zhikdty Long Sleeve Top Zhikdry Short Sleeve Top Zhikdry Long Sleeve Top

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Fleece Lined Hoodie • Long Sleeve Shirt Mens S Womens Boaishorts and Boa fûtes

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1. Superwarm socks 2. Possum wool beanie 3. Superwarm headband 4. Slorm Pack 5. Taicker hat 6. Visors 7. Gtove 205 8. Assorted Zhik T-Shirts 9. Webbing belt 10. Fitted Zhik Cap 11. Isotakcap 12. Lightweight sailing cap

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GET MORE FROM YOUR GEAR COMBINE SUITS & TOPS FOR ULTIMATE VERSATILITY Zhik wetsuits and lops can be combined to suit any condition. Select your top based on the air temperature and combine with a Zhik wetsuit according to the water temperature. Superwarm Hydrophobic Fleece + Titanium

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QUAD LAYER NEOPRENE WEATHER, INSULATION. REFLECTIVE, THERMAL Superwarm Is designed lor flexible racing In cold water conditions. A quad layer system with hydrophobic outer nylon, superstretch insulation, internal reflective and fleece thermal layers means more warmth. Combine the SuperWarm skiff suit, top, and socks for the coldest days.

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ZhikSkin MtcroFleece is proven Io be a very versatile material in a wide range ol air temperatures. with the superstretch flexibility and durability you need lor performance racing. Worn by Olympic champions, this material is lightweight, yet provides the equivalent warmth that you are used lo in traditional 2.5mm Neoprene. In the cooler airs you can feel the MicroFleece thermal layer begin to take effect as the fleece traps water close to your body. Yet in conditions where the air is hot the thinner layer ZhikSkin construction promotes the water's cooling effect.

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SPANDEXZH\KYEX NEOPRENE Stay cooler and lighter. New breathable abrasive resistant ZhikTex provides durability and padding at the high wearing points. Tough lightweight spande» keeps you cool and provides sun protection. Zhik R&D originally developed the Hybrid gear to meet the requirements ot the Olympic teams tor Oingdao 2008. You can now choose the same innovations (or hot summer sailing.

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Loyd Regatta MPO*,^ .. J Skandia Sail fOr Gold Wey.. ^ Sail Melbourne, Rolex Miami Och, , -oAF Sailing World Cup, ISAF World Champioijoi..|js; Master Laser Worid Championships, SAR 0rfhcess Sofia Palina. SOF Hyeres, Delta Loyd Regatta Medèmblik', Skaràìa/S Sail for Gold Weymouth, Sail Melbourne, Rolex Miami OCR, Kieler Woche, ISAF Sailing World CupJSAPWbrld Championships, Master Laser Worid Championship Laser Worid Championships, Finn Gold Cup

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HIKERS REINVENTED Get into the hiking system preferred by the Olympic champions. Developed with the Zhik team, Powerpads give you more comfort and control so thai you can hike harder for longer. Pull the pads onto your thighs and wear a Zhik suit over the top. No more stupid clunky old neoprene with fibreglass sewn into it.

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Get connected with ZhikGrip. The boots work with the Zhik hiking straps so that you lock Into the boat dynamics. A range o( styles available with varying sole support to suit your needs. Experience a linn and supportive fit only acheived by our integrated side-lace and ankle strap system.

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SUPERIOR SUPPORT AND COMFORT The evolution continues with ZhiK's latest generation trapeze harness. Fed the difference in comfort and control with a contoured fit engineered for enhanced movement and a superstrong stainless steel spreader, now padded for ultimate riding comfort.

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Respect your junk - the most comfortable tide now has multiple layers to distribute loads. 2. Heavy Duty Construction Reinforced construction with reduced point loads and multiple layers in key areas. 25% more contact area & optimised adjustability for that perfect fit. Fully adjustable lumbar pad provides comfort and support lo ride harder & longer.

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Photo by Sarah Proctor. S&ltasi Photo

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