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OCTOPe kiddy Tender holding - 7 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Our product: the problem we solve. Ship mooring is one of the most difficult operations and requires the whole nautical skills that people gain during his long sea experiences. Sea and atmospheric agents such as current, wind or even darkness alone, increase difficulty. The solution is: Cushioning Connection Module 2 Our work establish a new level of safety in mooring operations.

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The product: “OCTOPe kiddy”.

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The product: “OCTOPe kiddy”. Designed to fit on a small inflatable tender, it provides: • Retention of the tender when boarding or disembarking (in particular affecting safety of kids, as they push back the tender when trying to jump off). • Fast and easy approach to the boat. • Quick release. • Keep the tender at a constant distance from the boat when not in use; when waving small inflatables tend to go under the boat bathing platform, causing damages. Our strong know how about dynamics and the use of uncommon materials made the product feasable for this kind of solution. Invention covered by...

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Features: “OCTOPe kiddy”. Manually extendable.

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Features: “OCTOPe kiddy”. Why these solutions: • The absorber, made by special rubber, it soften the impacts and it aligns the tender in the correct position, as it is elastically responsive to external forces. • The telescopic arm allows to keep the tender at a constant distance from the boat when not in use. • The vacuum pad provides safe and fun connections, it gives the comfort to lock on any surface (even rocks!!), without catching specifically dedicated locking mechanism. The pad is powered by a 12/24 volt small (12V 4A) pump discontinuously operating, in this way the device can guarantee...

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