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DATA SHEET YACHT PORT MARINAS, S.L. Pol. Ind. de Amoedo, Parcela 2B, Zona C, Sección B 36841 - Pazos de Borbén, Pontevedra. Teléfono: 986 49 74 36 Fax: 986 49 73 44 COUNTERWEIGHT CRANE DESCRIPTION • Models with counterweight allow their installation in any foundation, like port fillings with insufficient tamping. • The 4 hoists with selective manoeuvre allow the adjustment of the vessel tilt, avoiding undesired movements and damages against masts, shrouds… • Thanks to the length adjustment it is not necessary to balance the vessel with respect to its centre of gravity, thus avoiding the vessel movements as well as hull damage, and increasing the lifting manoeuvre speed • Maximum lifting height thanks to the structure of the horizontal boom inside the crane framework axis • Lifting time is reduced up to a 40% due to its easy operational system. • Optimized room in between the floor and hoist. Detail view. Perspective view. Front view. Side view. CRANE WITH COUNTERWEIGHT 360º turn IP 66 protection. Remote control over cable or radio. 4 elevation hoists with selective working manoeuvre. Movement of hoists to adjust distance between slings (length) Designed and manufactured according to the CE regulations for elevation machinery.

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