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Yamaha-2017-Outboards-Portable Range - 13 Pages

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Yamaha-2017-Outboards-Portable Range

Catalog excerpts

2017 Outboards - Portable range

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mm This is Yamaha. Made for water. Around the world, people who love the water choose smooth, quiet, reliable Yamaha power to help them make the most of every moment. Why? Because no other outboard has earned their trust so completely, has more experience behind its name - or the ability to deliver performance so perfectly tuned to the way they enjoy their boating. People who simply love the feeling of being on the water. Friends who go out together to enjoy the water. Watersports enthusiasts who want to challenge and dominate it -whatever their individual way of playing with water, they...

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The science of innovation A key factor in the creation of The Yamaha Difference is our dedication to technical innovation. We’ve pioneered many worldfirst engineering developments, from revolutionary engine layouts to ingenious intake and exhaust systems – and given the world its very first line-up of clean, economical, reliable 4-stroke outboards. Reliable, practical technology Easy starting, smooth power and utter dependability are just some of the attributes that have earned our smaller engines their worldwide reputation. These portables are packed with the latest technology and truly...

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Shallow Water Drive This standard feature, which is standard on the F4 and up, is a real help when manoeuvering at low speed in shallow water. There’s also less risk of damaging the propeller or going aground. Variable Trolling Control This helpful feature, standard on most EFI models, offers precise control of low-speed engine rpm for relaxed trolling. Adjustment is made in steps of 50 rpm, using a button on the tachometer. Front-mounted shift lever On applicable models, the shift lever is conveniently located at the front of the engine, making for easy accessibility and comfortable...

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Just pick it up and go – it’s your portable power! Hidden away under the smart round cowling, with its three-position storage capability (stand it on either side or on the front) are a host of engine technologies that make the F2.5 run smoothly and reliably. Its supreme combustion efficiency makes this remarkable engine both quiet and economical - with very low exhaust emissions. Convenient user-friendly gear and throttle controls A full size shift lever is normally found only on larger engines, but the ability to engage gear so easily and precisely is a real plus for the F2.5. In fact, the...

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so easy to enjoy Smart grey cowling and latest design graphics In keeping with their unique character, the F4, F5 and F6 feature very stylish looks, with their smart grey top cowlings and the very latest generation Yamaha graphics and styling. It’s a refreshing design that reflects the playfulness of these compact and portable engines - and the fun and adventure they offer. F6 // F5 // F4 Easy and comfortable to carry about - ashore or on board When you want to get out on to the water quickly, easy portability is important - and the F4, F5 and F6 are the ultimate in portable power, with...

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These engines are very compact and efficient, with twin cylinder, SOHC (Single Overhead Camshaft) configuration - and a stylish new compact design top cowling in the style of our latest-generation engines. Advanced tiller handle design and controls On these latest models, an ergonomic design approach has been adopted for the tiller handle and controls. The handle is a very convenient length and the shift lever is ideally positioned on the handle itself, within easy reach, for confident and relaxed control. The easy-fold arrangement makes carrying and storage more convenient. True...

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F20 // F15 You’ll find the F20 and F15 very easy to control and comfortable to drive, thanks to their many features - from the front-mounted shift lever and single-lever steering friction adjuster to the light-load recoil starter. A built-in handle on the steering bracket and resting pads on the rear, make for convenient handling and portability too. Small in size. Big on power. PrimeStart™ Start your outboard engine as easily as starting a car –  even from cold. Exclusive to Yamaha, the PrimeStart™ system ensure that the engine fires first time, every time you engage either the Electric or...

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Meet our new portable. Even lighter. Even tougher. This new-generation twin cylinder, 4-valve engine is around 25% lighter, delivering unprecedented power for such a portable unit. Easy starting and smooth running are assured by the battery-less EFI system and a choice of electric, manual or electric/manual starting options are available. Latest, one-piece top cowling design Instantly recognisable as a brand new Yamaha, this smart engine features our latest one-piece cowling, with stylish graphics and a solid feel that any owner will appreciate. A cleverly designed water-draining air intake...

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M26 // M20 // M18 // M12 Special gear ratios for higher thrust The FT engines are purpose designed to deliver greater thrust and torque than a conventional engine and their special gear ratios help prevent cavitation and prop slippage. They work in combination with other unique features to provide the ideal power source for boats where load-hauling capability is more important than high speed. Dual-thrust props for maximum power in Forward & Reverse The special propellers fitted to the FT Models are not only of a larger than normal diameter, but have low pitch blades, designed to maximise...

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F9-9 F15 F20 F25 Engine Engine type Displacement No. of cylinders/Configuration Bore x stroke Prop shaft output at mid range Full Throttle Operating Range Lubrication system Fuel Induction System Ignition / advance system Starter system Gear ratio Engine Engine type Displacement No. of cylinders/Configuration Bore x stroke Prop shaft output at mid range Full Throttle Operating Range Lubrication system Fuel Induction System Ignition / advance system Starter system Gear ratio CDI Electric (E, EH, EP), Manual (MH) with prime start™ 2.08 (27/13) CDI Electric (E, EH, EP), Manual (MH) with prime...

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