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Genuine Yamaha parts and accessories. Why choose anything else? Yamaha is a name synonymous with performance, quality and reliability - and behind it is a reputation earned from years of creating outboard engines and marine products which incorporate the most advanced and innovative technology. In fact, millions of water sports enthusiasts and professionals the world over choose Yamaha, simply because it’s the name they know and trust - and because they know we apply the very same high standards and attention to detail to everything we make. So it’s no surprise that they also choose Yamaha...

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HELM MASTER Yamaha’s first fully integrated boat control system See page 16 See our 2016 Outboards catalogue for full details NEW K SERIES TALON STAINLESS STEEL PITCH (WITH SDS) NEW WAVERUNNER COVERS See page 96 Combine quiet, clunk-free shifting and smooth in-gear operation. NEW WETSUITS AND TOWABLES LINE-UP See page 108 Availability: Summer 2016 An all new, intuitive and revolutionary driving experience See our 2016 WaveRunner catalogue for full details

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Propellers RAKE Propellers and Propeller Accessories Rake is the angle of the bladeRakerelation to the propeller’s barrel, or centre, and is expressed in degrees. A in high rake propeller is best suited to applications where the engine is mounted high, to help reduce ventilation and increase bow lift. However, too much rake can strain the engine, decrease hole shot and produce negative performance and handling results. A propeller with a low rake angle will cause less strain on the engine, resulting in potentially better hole shot and higher operating rpm at W-O-T. Rake is the angle of the...

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Propellers PERFORMANCE SERIES - 3 BLADES A proven performer across a wide range of Yamaha outboard-powered boat applications. Highly-polished stainless steel and advanced blade design offer both good looks and good performance. Available in a wide variety of sizes and pitches for Yamaha outboards between 20 and 225 horsepower, in right-hand and select left-hand rotation. PERFORMANCE SERIES - 4 BLADES The four bladed design improves hole shot, acceleration, and overall “grip” and gives better performance in rough water or with higher-positioned engine mounting. PRO SERIES An excellent...

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Propellers ALUMINUM SERIES Outboard Model ALUMINUM SERIES G-series commercial & durable propeller (Alumite treatment for additional durability) G-series for light boat Spline engagement G-series commercial & durable propeller

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Outboard Model RELIANCE SERIES - SDS Outboard Model May require replacement of trim tab with 6E5-45371-10-00 SDS spacer (6CE-45997-00-00) required for 68F/68G SDS propellers.

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Outboard Model SDS spacer (6CE-45997-00-00) required for 6CE/6CF SDS propellers. SDS spacer (6AW-45997-1000) required for 6AW/6AW SDS propellers SALTWATER SERIES XL - SDS GENERATION 2 SALTWATER SERIES II - SDS Outboard Model SALTWATER SERIES XL - SDS GENERATION 1 SALTWATER SERIES XL (NON-SDS) Outboard Model FL350A (2011--) SDS spacer (6CE-45997-00-00) required for 6CE/6CF SDS propellers. SALTWATER SERIES XL4 & XL4-HP - SDS GENERATION 1 Outboard Model F350A SDS spacer (6AW-45997-1000) required for 6AW/6AW SDS propellers SALTWATER SERIES XL4 & XL4-HP - SDS GENERATION 2 Outboard Model

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E-DRIVE PROPELLER E-Drive Model Part Number Diameter Pitch Blade Hub Rotation Price Remark «HYDRA-DRIVE» DIESEL STERN DRIVE BLACK STAINLESS STEEL PROPELLER Drive Model Single propeller, right-hand Part Number Single propeller.counter rotation 6U3-45975-10-00 TRP (Twin Rotation Propellers) TRP (Twin Rotation Propellers) PROPELLER SPARE PARTS Outboard Model Dual Thrust Propeller Mark Front Spacer Rear Spacer PROPELLER ACCESSORIES PROP WRENCH Specially made to fit the prop nut on a Yamaha V4 or V6 outboard, it also has a helpful 9/16" square opening on the reverse side, designed for opening...

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Outboard Rigging & Accessories STATION SELECTOR The touch of a button selects 2nd station operation. SPEED CONTROL Once the desired rpm is reached, hold it by pressing the Speed Control - then throttle up or down with the touch of a button. Fully Integrated Boat Control System Handling a boat with more than one outboard* has never been as easy as it is now. Because with Helm Master’s intuitive joystick, single lever engine control, fully automatic trim system and touchbutton speed control, confident boat handling just became your speciality! It really is that simple, because with this fully...

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Outboard Rigging & Accessories NEW DUAL-PROTOCOL DIGITAL NETWORK GAUGE (6YC) Instruments Today's boat owners want more information than ever before - and Yamaha Digital Network Gauges deliver it. Yamaha is proud to offer a comprehensive line-up of Digital Network Gauges, to bring you more convenience, flexibility, and clear information than you ever thought possible. This really is the leading edge of rigging technology, matched up with the supreme level of innovation and reliability you’ve come to expect from Yamaha. Experience it. PREMIUM DIGITAL NETWORK GAUGE (6Y9) Featuring a 5”...

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Outboard Rigging & Accessories ANALOG GAUGES Premium quality analog instruments made to work in perfect harmony with your Yamaha outboard. 1 Description Seedometer Kit/Speedometer assy Tachometer kit/Tachometer assy Remarks Speed. Trip. Time. Fuel. Battery voltage. Engine RPM. Trim angle. Oil level. Hour meter. Water separator warning indicator. Warning lamps. Engine warning indicator. Overheat warning lamp. Fuel consumption. Fuel economy. Fuel contamination. Water pressure meter kit Water temp. meter kit Fuel meter assy Fuel meter assy Voltmeter assy Trim Gauge Digital speedometer assy...

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Remote Controls REMOTE CONTROL TYPE DIGITAL (DRIVE-BY-WIRE) Single Twin Triple MODEL MOUNTING POSITION Flush Mount Side Mount Flush Mount DIGITAL DRIVE-BY-WIRE (DBW) REMOTE CONTROLS The operation of throttle and shift is controlled electronically by the Digital Network System, providing you with smoother remote control - and with no cable friction! Multiple engine remote controls feature automatic engine RPM synchronization. Thanks to the convenience of our "plug and play" systems, rigging work is now simplicity itself - even 2nd station installation is a breeze. DBW REMOTE CONTROL BOX FOR...

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