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Catalogue excerpts

Paddling Adventure Equipment 2015

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Paddling Adventure Equipment So paddling is your thing and you want to make sure you’re set up with the best kit to suit exactly what you do on the water. Well with Yak, you’ve found a great partner: paddling is our thing too. And we’re experts at discretely combining safety with practicality and style.

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ancy Aids Buoy igned for ecifically des p s y aids are s esign team ha Yak buoyanc All romise. Our d s ithout comp apes and size paddling – w ou do, the sh movements y and need. studied all the res you want e featu you are, and th ls esign, materia ith top-end d ed all that w it down to a We’ve combin s and distilled ue turing techniq shaped to fit and manufac ancy aids, all oy e range of bu movement. comprehensiv m of paddling tal freedo and offering to CY AID NCED BUOYAN VA THE MOST AD TECHNOLOGY YET. 4

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TECHNOLOGY 4D CAST Extensive research and development sees the integration of 4D Cast foam technology, providing full freedom of movement for performance paddling. We have precision distributed the buoyancy to provide a sleek, slim-line high performance product. AXIAL CORE Revolutionary Axial Core technology advances upper torso rotation, freedom and control. Harmoniously fusing you and your buoyancy for the ultimate fit. FUSIONFIT Through striving for ultimate comfort, Fusion Fit will change the perception of buoyancy aids forever. This technology integrates the front and back slim-line buoyancy...

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The ultimate buoyancy aid for your whitewater adventure. Innovative and primed for performance, we’ve developed the Hallertau to cater for your every need when out in the big stuff. Our revolutionary Axial Core technology provides complete freedom of movement, so you’ll never feel resistance from your buoyancy aid as you paddle through the water. The shoulder straps move with you as you paddle, providing you with the most advanced solutions for freedom, comfort and control when out on the water. Q UICK ACCESS KNIFE POCKET AND LANYARD Q UICK ACCESS WHISTLE POCKET AND LANYARD RADIO POCKET FULLY...

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WHITEWATER gy technolo ial Core ation, Ax ionary so rot Revolut per tor s up e advanc and control. om freed YAK ADVENTURE EQUIPMENT

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Whether you are on the river or out in the surf the Rakau 70N is the absolute top choice for anyone looking for a vest style buoyancy aid. Our FusionFit design provides the wearer with the most pioneering technology coupled with an air mesh fabric for a comfortable, breathable solution. FEATURES: 1 4D CAST FOAM TECHNOLOGY E LASTIC WEBBING TIDY L OWER ADJUSTABLE CINCH BELT TO REDUCE JACKET RIDE UP B REATHABLE SPACER MESH LINING TO IMPROVE CIRCULATION P OCKET VOLUME EXPANSION PLEATS PULL FORWARD WAIST ADJUSTMENTS ADJUSTABLE SHOULDERS ULTIMATE GRIP SHOULDER STRAPS A QUICK ACCESS KNIFE POCKET AND...

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The Galena 70N is a minimalistic whitewater buoyancy aid for those who carry only the essential accessories. 4D Cast technology hugs the body while a breathable spacer mesh fabric provides the maximum in comfort and circulation. Super safe, super comfy and super cool. FEATURES: Whether you’re new to whitewater, or looking for a minimal play vest, the Kurve has the answer. Wider shoulder webbing for improved comfort. Neoprene chest panels for enhanced fit. FEATURES: 1 4D CAST LIGHT FOAM CONTOURED TO HUG THE BODY EXPANDING FRONT POCKET FRONT CLAM SHELL POCKET L OWER ADJUSTABLE CINCH BELT TO REDUCE...

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Your definitive touring companion, no matter how far or wide you paddle. The 70N Greenburg is front-zipped for ease of entry and equipped with every essential for lengthy days out on the water. Our revolutionary Axial Core technology provides complete freedom of movement, so you’ll feel no resistance from your Greenburg as go. Moulded with 4D cast foam to snugly hug your body and with breathable spacer mesh lining to improve air circulation, it will ensure you are as fresh and comfortable when you arrive as when you set out. River calm or choppy sea, the Xipe 60N is the perfect fit for touring...

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Hard wearing touring jacket with multiple pockets and attachment points for the organised paddler. Wider shoulder and side webbing for increased comfort. Large rear hydration pocket. Low profile, multi pocket front zip buoyancy aid perfect for touring, fishing or instructing. Unique front zip closure over buckle eliminates snagging. Expanding front pockets with VHF radio compatibility. Large rear hydration pocket. H EAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION FOR DURABILITY HIGH CUT SLIM LINE DESIGN A INTERNAL MESH POCKET M ULTI POINT ADJUSTMENT FOR THE ULTIMATE FIT D UAL FRONT POCKETS FOR INCREASED STORAGE C ONCEALED...

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Out on the water, the front zipped Kallista 50N provides everything the keen recreational paddler needs. With its slim line, high mobility cut plus reflective detailing for that vital flash of visibility in poor light, it is also the business for any other watersports you choose. FEATURES: When you’ve already got everything you need, why take the kitchen sink? If you’re simply looking to get out paddling and have a great time on the water, the Blaze has it all in one neat package. Front zipped for ease of entry and with adjustable shoulders plus a high cut design for all round movement, it’s a...

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– and look need them to u ken fabrics everything yo Yak cags do t it. We’ve ta a hile they’re and highly e business w f, windproof th roo to sively waterp sculpt them in hich are mas w Yak magic to ce d used our tic performan breathable, an ce your athle ing to enhan fortable. technical cloth time extra com r paddle and make you

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This is a cag of intense distinction for uncompromising whitewater experts – one you should never be without when taking on the big waves. Seamless underarm wizardry combined with 3 way performance cut sleeves provides the ultimate in technology and performance. FEATURES: ACTIVE FLEX TECHNOLOGY T X20K 3 LAYER FABRIC, FULLY TAPED AND BREATHABLE SEAMLESS UNDERARM TECHNOLOGY WITH 3 WAY PERFORMANCE CUT SLEEVES L ATEX INNER NECK AND WRIST SEALS A DJUSTABLE PU LINED OVER CUFFS N EOPRENE OVER NECK FOR COMFORT AND PROTECTION L ASER CUT DRAIN HOLES CHEST POCKET F ULLY ADJUSTABLE NEO WAISTBAND AND DX10K...

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