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Illumination for your Yacht - Yachtlite - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

A New Generation of Illuminated Lettering The name of your yacht is symbolic and should radiantly shine and glow even at night. This is not just a dream. Illuminating, three-dimensional lettering from Yachtlite gives the name of your yacht the elegant and radiant charisma worthy of her. In the colour of your choice. With the desired facing – coloured, stainless steel, PVD plasma coating or gold leaf. Quality, your yacht has earned! Yachtlite letters, words and symbols are made from solid acrylic in which light emitting diodes are seawater-tight sealed. Not only the optimal solution but also extremely...

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Illuminated Lettering Product Lines: Pricing Example: All letterings are available in six different light colours or RGB colour change (12, 24, 110 or 230 Volt) 10 mm satinised acrylic Vinyl film front Yellow LEDs, Vinyl film front See latest flyer for prices 10 mm satinised acrylic 3 mm mirror quality stainless steel front Yellow LEDs, stainless steel front See latest flyer for prices 10 mm satinised acrylic 3 mm miror quality stainless steel front Polished edges Yellow LEDs, stainless steel front, polished edges Surfaces available in a manifold of options. Gold plated or PVD-Coating at additional...

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StairLites FloodLites HighLites StairLite –  One Step Ahead One of the latest developments at Yachtlite: personalised stairway lighting. A unique way of effectively but discreetly adding a personal touch with a safety value. Safety on board The adhesive film front on an illuminated acrylic base can be individually cut. Whether Shipyard logo, yacht name or the owner's initials Stairlites not only add an exclusive personalisation to your yacht, but also help ensure personal safety on board. Stairlite Details G 8 mm acrylic G LEDs in white, blue, red, green, yellow and orange G For 12 or 24 Volt...

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FloodLite – Underwater Illumination Underwater floodlights complete Yachtlite’s extensive product palette for yachts. Yachtlite provides underwater floodlights with certification from longstanding reputable manufacturers. Even under water everything is brought to light! HighLites In close cooperation with shipyards, constructors and yacht designers Yachtlite's team can realise every conceivable special request and, it goes without saying, that top quality and exclusive workmanship is guaranteed. Yachtlite's newest exclusive product – your yacht lettering with a porcelain cover adding an extra...

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At you can judge required lettering and issue a request firsthand and try out a variety of colours, to Yachtlite with a few clicks. fonts and surfaces in all available options and test the night and day effect. If you are happy with the result simply enter the quantity and size of your Alternatively, send your own ideas and photos to Yachtlite and further indivi- dual suggestions per photomontage will Qoudy Bold Italic Iowan Italic Goudy Heavy Optima Ultra Italic Pnlatino Bold Italic Your Contact to Yachtlite: Stefan Wienecke GmbH Email:

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