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Catalog Lighting Controls 13.01.2015

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Lighting Controls for Yachts Lighting Controls for all LED lights on your yacht. You can control with a remote control, a smartphone or mount your programmed control on a stationary location. Control your underwater lights, illuminated lettering, the lights on the deck or in the salon ..

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Overview of lighting control systems offered by Germany Overview LED lighting control systems Recommended for yacht sizes M1 Single zone Wireless Dimm Control via remote control Control via WiFi / smartfone only one zone controlled multiple zones controlled dim only one color Color Changing RGB Programmable using laptop Programmable via smartfone Fixed program buttons for light scenes Own light scenes can be programmed USB interface Volt current consumption dimensions range of wireless Full WiFi Controller M3/6/7 Single zone Wireless Controller M3 Art. Nr.: 460221 M6 Art....

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Single zones wireless Controller for Yachtlights underwater lights, illuminated signs and other lighting A very inexpensive model for individual applications! YL-M series LED controller is compatible with various kinds remotes with different function. Dimm and switch single color LED's. (Ml) Dimming, switching and colorchange with RGB and RGBW Leds.(M3, M6, M7) You can using with one receiver one zone control! With the RGB/RGBW Handcontrol you can setting different lightscenes. With the remote you can change speed, brightness and color adjustment. Single color Underwater-light: Dimming and...

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The different YL-M remote controls. Brig fitness - M3 Changing Mode Table Loop Play (long press 2s to save short press to display) Color Circle

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Yachtlights easy WiFi-Dream for Yachtlights underwater lights, illuminated signs and other lighting. Item No.: WiFi Receiver: Controller CV: Controller CC 350-700-1050mA: iPhone, Android or Tablet full Wireless Controller Complete wireless controlled! Yachtlights easy WiFi-Dream is a versatile lighting control system. Control via WiFi over mobile devices could control various types of LED lighting. Android phones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices makes the LED lighting control easy and the plus at intelligence makes you very relaxed. Functions: four functional controls including dimming,...

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luminated sign Zcr>e Selaction Grojp SelKtior evice List Interface whits value Group Interface Mode Intarface Stan* Imeriace Technical informations Communication Standard: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, 802.11b/g/n Max Current Load: 4Ax 4CH AMax 16 Wireless Distance' Fur weitere Informationen kontaktieren sie uns bitte unter: : +49 5222 2391684 / Email: /

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Select Type Interface main interface CTIirtroltn charge ttie scene background effect in Ehis scene Change the scene background / Save scene interface Changing mode Pray single Speed slider Brightness slider Mode Interface Select the type of changing, effect UPlay in a loop several changing modes (Speed and brightness □nadjustabte as play En a loop) Selecting the changing mode you want to play in a Soap

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iPhone, Android or Tablet Wireless Controller For Yachtlights underwater lights, illuminated signs and other lighting. Wireless connection between smartphone and controller, all other DMX interface with integrated wireless module for controlling Yacht- lights products. With „freeDMX" you control DMX devices as flexible as never before by Get the best apps in the App Store and Google Play Store. Use USB DMX as interface to controll DMX devices with a computer. Suitable for a variety of software applications DMX. Fully supported by Freestyler Version 3:37 (Freeware). Windows XP, Vista, 7 and...

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Illuminated sign Wireless Receiver Technical information Power supply: Wi-Fi Standard: Frequency Band: Transmission type: Data rate: Antenna: DMX512 output: DMX connectors: Neutrik USB port: Dimensions (without antenna): Weight: 12 or 24V DC, 0.2 A IEEE 802.11g / b / n 2.4 GHz band (ISM), 11 channels DDSS / OFDM 1-11 Mbps (802.11b), 654 Mbps (802.11g) 2 dBi 1 universe (512 channels) 3-pin XLR panel socket, 3 pin XLR connectors, USB 2.0 Type B L 98 x W 88 x H 52 mm 350 g For more Informations please contact us: Fone +49 5222 2391684 / Email: /

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DMX lighting control software. Wired, lighting scenes at your fingertips. Item No .: Stand Alone Interface Controller CV Controller CC 350mA Controller CC 700mA Stand-alone Controller for Yachtlights underwater lights, illuminated lettering and other lighting. For Windows and MAC OS X. DMX lighting control software with standalone interface The Joker DMX 512 is the ideal DMX control software for yachts require pre-programmed lighting scenes at your fingertips. The very easy to use yet fully featured DMX software works on both, Windows and Mac, and is equipped with many control options for...

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Illuminated sign Technical information Power supply: DMX512 - output: DMX-connections: Neutrik USB-port: Dimensions: 12 oder 24V DC, 0,2 A 1 Universum (512 channels) 3-polige XLRpanel socket, 3-poliger XLR-connercter, USB 2.0, Typ B L 120 x W 115 x H 45mm Für weitere Informationen kontaktieren sie uns bitte unter: : +49 5222 2391684 / Email: /

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Lighting Equipment DMX Multi-Color Control System for Yachtlights underwater lights and other lighting units! Fully compatible with any DMX system. Control up to 5 zones lighting. i.d.rn - Easy Stand Alone Copyright (c) i4kiiEauJi& Web site www.nico5iudie.ciim /\. Sftjp^^* ffltff fO UHf 5^ Atone Plastic display with sensitive keys Built-in color display for graphics and status information Remote control via PC and smartphones with ARCOLIS App Control up to 5 zones (eg rooms, outdoor areas, etc.) Depending zone 40 lighting scenarios programmable storage on SD card 1024 DMX channels...

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Touch-sensitive user interface Extension socket rear connectors (2x10 pins) Ethernet socket (RJ45) Screw-terminal rear connector (9 pins) Front access connections (open cover) 11,5 mm Interface, sdcard, datasheet, cdrom, usb cable Application Available colors Options ARCOLIS + STICK REMOTE on iPhone/iPad/Android Frame (black or white), use the Stick Design Configurator web site Dedicated remote control (*), Power supply (*) Standards reset button micro sdcard EC, EMC, ROHS, ETL, UL (some are in process) Image size Standard 150x110mm picture, contact us for a sample profile SPECIFICATIONS /...

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