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Wastewaters treatment plants Shipyards wastewater production is a real problem for environmental and all the european countries have very strictly regulation about the disposal or the reuse of this waters. Wastewaters coming from the hull’s wash have plenty of heavy metals, suspended solids, soap, acids and more, while bilge waters contains pollutants like oil, hydrocarbons and others. Moreover, all the first rain waters collected on the yards may be contaminated with several kind of pollutants including all the ones mentioned before Yachtgarage has developed a full range of wastewater treatment plants able to remove all the pollutants and permitting the reuse of the treated waters. The products range include small plants for little shipyards and bigger and automatic systems able to satisfy any shipyard’s need. Many accessories like water tanks and mud dryers are also available. Last but not less important is the collecting of the black waters and bilge waters via the Pump Out system by yachtgarage Max Engineering s.r.l. Via delle puglie 8 82100 Benevento IT IT01544330622

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