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YACHT KIT 1 Wave WiFi’s EC-Series is the number one choice for mobile, wireless Internet access among boat owners and crew members worldwide. The reasons are quite simple; Wave WiFi user access the Internet wirelessly from the comfort of the boats using a web-based interface that scans, locates and connects to the strongest public Internet access point (HotSpot). No more long trips down the dock, no more dingy rides to shore. Wave WiFi’s EC-Series delivers those weak or far away WiFi signals to your boat. With Wave WiFi there is no software to install, no USB restrictions and no power robbing USB connection. This means better performance for plug and play laptop accessories like SKYPE phone and webcams Wave WiFi’s standard features include: • • • • • • • • Proprietary web-based Interface No software to install Works with any Ethernet enabled device WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption A unique integrated help system FREE online firmware upgrades FREE iMap Global Weather One-year limited warranty Whether it is the Rogue Pro or the high-power EC with built in, local access point, all Wave WiFi models are Ethernet convertors meaning a direct connection can be made to any Ethernet enabled device. Ther result is flawless performance of the Wave WiFi EC-Series as a standalone system or intergrated into the ship’s network Manufactured by GEOSat Solutions Inc. Distributed in UK and Europe

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