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CONTROL SYSTEM FOR BOATS WITH ELECTRONIC ENGINE CONTROLS Winner of the "Best Technological Innovation" award at the Miami Boat Show and with thousands of units installed on board by more than 90 yacht makers, YACHT CONTROLLER S.r.l. launches the brand new. The new YACHT CONTROLLER SMART wireless remote control, with its attractive design in the colours metallic grey and blue, replaces the EVO model, which until now has enjoyed outstanding success in the nautical world, actually creating a new product sector. YACHT CONTROLLER SMART has the same tear-proof silicone membrane levers that characterize the Dual Band model. The completely waterproof battery compartment of the transmitter contains three batteries to guarantee power and a high quality signal. The transmitter has an easy to grip and practical ergonomie shape, IP68 protection, is resistant to immersion in water and floats. The main features of YACHT CONTROLLER SMART are: •4 Single band of transmission. <4 Multiprocessor structure that allows double control of each function, making it impossible for wrong commands to be given in the event of a fault. ^ Two relays for each control output for maximum safety. 4 Modular design, which can be modified to add functions or can be transferred to a new boat by simply replacing a card. •4 LEDs on the front panel of the receiver to indicate correct operation of the electronics, the state of active controls and, in the event of malfunction, the type of fault. A The beeper indicates loss of connection and also the various operating and alarm states. YACHT CONTROLLER SAAART is the solution to all problems of mooring, manoeuvres and marks the end of wrong manoeuvres carried out due to the communication difficulties with the crew. Moreover, right and left motors, stern and bow thrusters and windlass, can be operated by one person, checking and correcting the position of the boat at all times. One person will be able, with free hands, to throw lines, loop lines around cleats, pick up lines and secure them to the stern, moor to buoys,etc. The YACHT CONTROLLER SAAART is very easy to operate: simply position the levers of the boat's electronic controls to the "neutral" position, turn on the YACHT CONTROLLER receiver by pressing the button located on the bridge, turn on the TX and activate control with the button located on the transmitter. The system is now operational. To operate the engines and bow and stern thrusters, press and hold the levers for the manoeuvre required. The windlass is activated by pressing the corresponding buttons. vWhen pressure on the levers is released, the system returns to "neutral" mode. YACHT CONTROLLER SAAART is composed of two elements: the transmitter with which the manoeuvre is controlled and the receiver, which it is installed close to the existing controls on the bridge.

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▼ LIVE YOUR. BOAT YACHT CONTROLLER SMART is only available for the following brandì of electronic controls: Volvo E DC, Volvo EVC 82, Volvo EVC C and D, ZF/Mathers, Glendinning, Cummins/Mercruiser DTS, Morse. 4 The system has a 2 year warranty and must only be installed by authorized persons. M Communication between the TX and RX takes place through a coded protocol that makes any interference with other equipment installed impossible. ■4 The system can be switched off at any time and subsequently all systems return to the neutral position. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Transmitter power: 3...

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