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DUAL BAND BOAT AAANOUVERING SYSTEM WITH ELECTRONIC ENGINE CONTROLS Yacht Controller Dual-Band is the latest technological advance in the field of remote wireless controls for mooring. Technologically even more advanced than the original patented YC model, the Dual-Band version has finally left behind all the imitators. By operating on two completely separate frequency bands, the dual-band YC model makes your mooring procedure even safer than before by eliminating external interference from any nearby unscreened devices that do not comply with the legal requirements for wireless transmissions. Two flashing LEDs on the transmitter show you when you are transmitting on the two separate frequencies. After your receiver is turned on, a switch on the transmitter handset gives you full control for mooring the boat. The special silicone membrane switches are robust enough to withstand more than 200,000 movements. They give you control over both of the engines, the bow and stem thrusters, and the anchor winch, all at the same time, for easier and safer docking manouvres. The transmitter is waterproof and will float if dropped overboard. The integral battery box at the rear of the unit is also waterproof. It takes three batteries, to give improved power and signal quality. Replacement batteries are easy to find, wherever you are. Replacing the batteries is quick and simple. The new dual-band receiver is a technological revolution. It features the following improvements over the Evo model: ^ A double receiver operating on two separate frequency bands, ensuring perfect operation even when there is external interference or when one of the two bands A multiprocessor structure (a central CPU with a microprocessor for each function) that gives you two levels of control over each function, making unintended commands impossible to execute should anything go wrong. ■4 Double relays for each command output, preventing unintended activation. ^ A modular design that can be easily modified to add new functions. If you change your boat you won't need to buy a new Yacht Controller. You simply replace an internal card and can continue to operate your new boat with different controls. 4 LEDs on the front of the receiver unit confirm that the electronics are operating correctly, tell you which commands are being activated, and provide details of any malfunctions. •4 A beeper warns you should you lose connection to the transmitter, signals the various states of operation, and has an alarm Operation of the Yacht Controller Dual-Band handset is very simple. Put the controls into "neutral". Turn on the Yacht Controller receiver Switch on the Yacht Controller Dual-Band transmitter. Take control by pressing a button on the handset. Your system is now fully operational. To control the engines and operate the bow and stern thrusters, simply press and hold the forward, reverse, right or left buttons. To operate the anchor winch, press and hold the appropriate switch. Each time you release a switch, the system reverts to neutral. The dual-band YACHT CONTROLLER system comprises two elements: the transmitter, which gives you control of the boat, and the receiver, installed on the bridge, which transmits your commands to the various on-board systems.

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DUAL BAND Installation is quick and easy. The installer only needs to connect the receiver to the levers and switches or joysticks that control the engines, the bow and stern thrusters, and the anchor winch. The Yacht Controller Dual-Band system is currently available for use with all types of electronic controls currently on the market: Volvo EDC, Volvo EVC, Volvo EVC B2, ZF/Mathers, Micro Commander, Teleflex, Twin Disc, Vetus, Bosch Rexroth, MTU Blue Line, Detroit DDEC, Caterpillar, Glendinning, MAN, etc. A The system comes with a 2-year warranty and must only be fitted by an authorised installer. M...

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