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XO 250 Open

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maintenance or troubleshooting guide. If you have any problems with the boat, please contact your XO dealer. For repairs, please use only companies recommended by the XO dealer. FOREWORD PLEASE STORE THIS MANUAL IN A SAFE PLACE AND PASS IT Dear XO boat owner, thank you for selecting the XO, a superb boat OVER TO THE NEXT OWNER WHEN YOU SELL THE BOAT. made in Finland. We wish you enjoy your time on the waves. The purpose of this manual is to help you learn to use your boat safely and comfortably. The following chapters will provide a detailed account of the systems and equipment of your boat...

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5.10 Correct use – other recommendations and instructions 5.10.1 Protection from falling overboard 1 BEFORE YOU GO 5.10.2 Securing loose equipment 4 BEFORE PUTTING THE BOAT IN SERVICE 5.10.4 Anchoring, mooring and towing 6 MAINTENANCE, REPAIRS AND WINTER STORAGE 5 BOAT PROPERTIES AND OPERATION 7.2 Installing optional accessories 5.3 Maximum recommended number of persons APPENDIX 2 XO 250 OPEN / GENERAL ARRANGEMENT 5.6 Stability and preventing water intake 5.6.1 Openings in hull and deck APPENDIX 4 ELECTRICAL WIRING DIAGRAM 5.6.2 Bilge pumps and draining 5.6.3 Stability, buoyancy and...

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BOAT MODEL: XO 250 OPEN Craft identification number - CIN: Engine make and model: Engine serial number: I OWNER First name: First name: First name: First name: First name: First name:

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Please read this owner’s manual. Before taking your boat out on the water, check at least the following: Current weather and weather forecast Consider whether the wind, swell and visibility conditions are suitable. Is the boat’s design category, size and equipment as well as the commander’s and the crew’s proficiency sufficient for the intended waters? Loading Do not overload the boat, distribute the load appropriately. Do not place heavy items too high, since this would compromise the boat’s stability. Passengers Make sure to include life jackets for all persons onboard. Assign the tasks...

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All units used in this manual correspond to the SI system. In some cases, additional units have been included in brackets. The exception to the above is wind speed, which is indicated according to the The owner’s manual will help you learn the properties of your new Beaufort scale as required by the EC Recreational Craft Directive. boat. Additional manuals for equipment installed in the boat are also attached, and will be referred to throughout this manual. If you decide to purchase optional accessories, the manual will, of course, be complemented with their manuals. There is also space for...

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3 WARRANT Y This boat and the equipment installed by the boatbuilder are cove- 4 BEFORE PUT TING THE BOAT IN SERVICE 5 BOAT PROPERTIES AND OPERATION Boat length, beam, draught, total weight and other dimensions as 5.1 GENERAL red by a warranty as specified in detail below. The engine, trim tabs, compass, any navigation devices and other retrofitted devices are Main dimensions and capacity: well as tank capacities are indicated in appendix 1. Technical specifications. subject to any warranty of their respective manufacturers. Sepa- The owner’s manual is not intended as a complete maintenance...

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5.6 STABILITY AND PREVENTING WATER INTAKE Loads and seating arrangement (Figure 1) The maximum recommended load for the XO 250 Open is 848 kg. 5.6.1 Openings in hull and deck An adult person is considered to weigh 75 kg and child 37,5 kg. The The XO boat does not have a plug for draining the cockpit. Instead, maximum total weight of persons onboard is 600 kg. In addition to the cockpit is drained through scupper valves attached to drain the maximum recommended total weight of persons, the boat can pipes, see figure 2. The XO 250 Open has a self-draining cockpit be loaded with the following:...

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Seat suspension adjustment The pump drains the bilge when its surface sensor detects water in 5.6.3 Stability, buoyancy and flotation the bilge. As long as the battery is connected and regardless of the Thanks to its optimal hull shape and weight distribution, the XO boat position of the main power switch, the automatic pump is always has an excellent stability. However, please remember that large on standby. The bilge pump will start only after the sensor has been crashing waves pose a significant danger to stability. Note also completely submerged for 5 seconds and stop once the water...

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5.7.2 Fire protection and prevention SPECIAL WARNINGS When in operation, the XO 250 Open must be equipped with fire extinguishers (minimum rating: 8A/68B). The minimum rating for • block access to safety equipment, fire extinguisher, fuel valves each individual fire extinguisher is 5A/34B. The portable fire extinguisher is stored in the console’s left storage compartment as shown in figure 3. Depending on local legislation, portable fire extin- or the main power switch of the electrical system. • block any ventilation openings of the boat, as these are inten- • smoke or keep an open flame...

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Location of electrical equipment: Q Battery box © Main power switch © Bilge pump © Masthead light: white, 360° © Navigation lights: red and green © Control panel 0 Power socket: 12 V, 10 A max. © Fuse box (see figure 7.) © Windscreen wiper Control panel: Q Bilge pump activation switch © Signal horn © Windscreen wiper, left © Windscreen wiper, right © Navigation light switch © AUX © Trim tab switch, BB Q Trim tab switch, SB

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(speed indicator) ca be used to optimise the trim angle. off the power from the main power switch. Detach the battery • When riding into waves, lower the bow down for a smoother ride. from the system before conducting any electrical work. When dis- When driving with a tailwind or driving into extremely high waves, connecting or connecting batteries, be careful not to touch both lift the bow slightly to avoid ploughing. poles of the battery or the boat’s aluminium components with a • Do not drive the boat at high speed when the trim is negative, metal wrench. i.e. when the bow is low,...

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