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Freedom 458 Inverter/Chargers - 2 Pages

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Freedom 458 Inverter/Chargers
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Runs anything, from office AC Power Inverter with High Surge Capability, 3-Stage Charger With filtered modified sine wave output, Freedom inverter/chargers run virtually anything, from electrical equipment to appliances and electronics in your RV. Temperature controlled multistage charging ensures that your batteries are recharged quickly, and automatic shutdown and other safety features protect your expensive deep-cycle batteries from excessive depletion. For inverter/charger control and basic system monitoring, use the Freedom Basic Remote. For advanced battery monitoring and remote control, Freedom 458 systems can be paired with optional Link instrumentation. Product Features MSW AC power inverter with high surge capability Automatic 3-stage battery charger Temperature compensation with equalization stage provides optimal charging of deep cycle batteries Built-in transfer switch automatically transfers between inverter power Power sharing prevents source AC input circuit breaker from tripping Customized settings can be programmed with the Freedom Basic Remote Includes battery temperature sensor Protection Features ► Over voltage and under voltage protection ► Short circuit protection Burnaby, British Columbia Arlington, Washington © 2005 Xantrex Technology Inc. All rights reserved. Xantrex is a registered trademark of Xantrex International. Printed in Canada

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Smart choice for power 1000 - 3000 Watt Modified Sine Wave Electrical Specifications - Inverter Output power (continuous) Surge power (AC amps) Output frequency regulation Inverter voltage regulation 120 V +1-5% true RMS 120 V +1-5% true RMS 120 V +1-5% true RMS 120 V +1-5% true RMS 120 V +1-5% true RMS Output wave form Modified sine wave Modified sine wave Modified sine wave Modified sine wave Modified sine wave Efficiency (full load) Peak efficiency No load current draw (idle mode) 'Quartz regulated "For dual, see circuit breaker options below under "Part Numbers" Electrical Specifications -...

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