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extreme carbon superyacht equipment - 14 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

extreme carbon superyacht equipment

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X1FENDER BOX FENDER COMPACT FENDER CURVED FENDER SWiMMiNG LADDER DiViNG Ladder pilot ladder boarding ladder sun awnings PAGE 18-19 game courts PAGE 20-21 railings PAGE 22-23 whips PAGE 24-25

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X-QUIP , a subsidiary of XTENDERS , is a DUTCH company specialized in the design and manufacturing of carbon fiber sailing and motor yacht equipment. Our DURABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT CARBON SOLUTIONS are customizable and contribute to the usability and appearance of any vessel. Over the years, our designs have emerged and evolved by working Driven by quality and performance we push the limits of alongside numerous of superyacht shipyards and Owners. building equipment for super yachts and tenders. We use state of the art technology in materials and manufacturing to ensure With a background in high-performance...

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lightweight & Robust The X-Quip Fender Line offers fenders for any yacht. X-Quip’s carbon fiber fenders are manufactured using autoclave technology to produce the highest strength to weight ratio possible. This makes each fender product extremely lightweight compared to stainless steel or aluminum alternatives. The fender is easy to handle and placing it on the deck from now on can be a one-person job! We offer various cleat options like; anodized or brushed aluminium or polished steel c u s to m d ec k f i t t i n g We offer state-of-the-art stainless steel deck fittings that match your deck...

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Fender - X1 Weight Working load Standing height The X1 fender is the heavy duty fender that elegantly keeps vessels up to 8 tons safely alongside any yacht Care has been taken into designing a solution that is both strong and aesthetically appealing. Two integrated carbon handles help passengers securely board the yacht and while storing the fender. The fender bumper is extended to the bottom of the fender offering protection Box Fender Weight Working load Standing height We designed the box fender to offer a more minimalistic and geometric design next to the X1. The sharp corners and simple surfaces...

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CompAct Fender Weight Working load Standing height The 1350 Fender is the smaller version of our X1 fender. It’s overall length is reduced drastically to allow for installation on low platforms and smaller tenders. On the 1350 Fender, the diagonal support beam is removed to achieve a cleaner look on deck. It’s deck fittings are the same as those of the X1 Fender (2 x 32mm), combined with a stainless steel knob to hold it down. The 1350 Fender is capable of handling vessels up to 4 ton. Handle options Curved Fender Weight Working load Standing height Depending on size 7 ton + Custom This CUR-V...

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STAIRCASE OPTIONS FOLDABLE SWiMMING LADDER YACHT EDITION 7 STEP DESIGN WEIGHT UNDER DECK REACH FOLDED DIMENSIONS STEP ANGLE The big swimming ladder by X-quip is DECK FITTINGS designed for comfortable water access and easy storage. We deliver our ladders with custom deck fittings that fit your yacht and taste You can get them in clear coated carbon look or let us paint them in the color of the yacht. The ladder is foldable and lightweight making it very user friendly. Each ladder is completely made of carbon fiber making it very strong and durable to last for decades. DIMENSIONS We offer various...

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We offer Patted stow bags and/or wall 1. Clear coated carbon fiber mounts to store your Ladder 2. Non-skid (anti slip) The X-quip dive ladder is characterized by its open Christmas tree design. This make it far superior for diving and snorkeling purposes compared to conventional H-style ladders, as a D ec k f i t t i n g s We deliver our ladders with custom deck fittings that fit your yacht and taste diver can easily climb them with fins on. To further aid safety and convenience, the ladder steps have a wide and extra-long standing surface for stable climbing in rolling seas. DIVE LADDER YACHT...

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Pilot ladder Step weight Rope used 1100 gram Dyneema core with sleeve Custom reach The X-Quip pilot ladder is a very robust and Weight Under deck reach Folded dimensions Maximum steps Our boarding ladder is characterized by it’s lightweight and easy storage capabilities. lightweight ladder, that complies with SO­ AS L You can choose between a 2,3 or 4 step setup depending on the height that needs to be Using carbon fiber technology enabled us to reduce the weight of each step to 1100 gram each, which makes even a 15 step ladder easy The main part is made out of one piece of to handle by one crew-member...

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sun awnings Shaded serenity X-Quip’s Sun Awning system is a high-tech, elegant solution to provide shading onboard any yacht. We custom make every solution, based our client’s wishes and deck-layout, to optimize the comfort and onboard experience. This product contains poles made of pre-impregnated, autoclaved carbon fiber; a key feature of any X-quip product, making them extremely durable, strong and lightweight. Depending on the size of the awning solution and your deck lay-out we offer a range of pole diameters ranging from 60 to 120mm. Upon request, high quality speakers or ambiance lightning...

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Game courts Easy & fun Our X-Quip game court is the easiest and safest way to turn any deck space into a state-of-the-art game court. Our strong and lightweight carbon fiber poles are designed to fit the existing deck fittings of the yachts railing. Besides the fundamental pole and net construction we offer a complete range of other game court accessories to complement any lay-out such as but not limited to; baskets, carbon fiber goals and artificial grass. Additional speakers and lightning are optional to install in the corner poles. Telescopic light masts After the mast is secured in place the...

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railings Light & Unique I n t eg r at e d l i g h t i n g X-quip railings are the lightest removable super yacht railings in the world and a great addition to any deck layout. It is the combination of the structural strength and refined looks of carbon fiber that really makes this an eye catcher. Our standard tube railing weighs only 0,95 kilograms and yet is extremely strong. The low weight increases the usability and installation time whilst the corrosion resistant carbon fiber means these railings will last for decades. As per usual at X-quip: designs are fully customizable to our clients liking....

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