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Catalogue excerpts

XPowerDrive OutDrives Engineered to OutPerform Extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis conducted to optimize the shape of the lower unit / skeg assembly achieving unparalleled ultra-low parasitic frictional losses Removable stainless steel skeg can be replaced in minutes Multiple skeg designs available to alter lift vs. drag ratios Removable carbon fiber cavitation plate can be replaced with optional integrated aeration tube XPowerDrive 310-378-8509 Email: xpowerdrive@aol.com Xpowerdrive.com CFD optimized to acheive 37% less drag than the best-in-class competition

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XPowerDrive Delivering What YOU Expect Direct replacement for stock Bravo outdrives Tested to 1,535 HP / 1,296 ft. lbs. of torque with ZERO failures X-Dimension adjustable up to 5 inches. Can be the same length as stock drive or up to 5 inches shorter Designed, engineered and built with the same technologies and materials used in Formula One race cars Integrated oil filtration system and heat exchanger for compact packaging and exceptional cooling Complete self-contained 3 stage dry-sump system engineered to run with precise oil volume and pressure Email: xpowerdrive@aol.com

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