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Catalog excerpts

BanovaBanova Banova superflex Banova digital BANOVA® PLUS HIGHER PERFORMANCE AT THE SAME WEIGHT BANOVA* PLUS with a core made of balsa and high end natural wood surfaces. The panel is refined with a regionally available light hardwood, which provides thin but more resistant high end surfaces. The new product is easy to process and brings high value to the manufacturing chain as well as in the final application. BANOVA* PLUS - AT A GLANCE ■ High scratch and impact resistance ■ Homogenous and smooth sanding quality ■ Higher panel stiffness at the same panel weight due to the sandwich effect ■ High form stability thanks to the symmetrical layup and the use of a cold curing polyurethane based adhesive ■ Seamless full veneer surfaces ■ High end surface for lamination with foil, CPL, wallpaper, direct varnishing or painting ■ Natural wood from responsible sources - FSC® Mix (FSC-C127318) ■ Dimensions: Thicknesses: 12 / 15 / 18 / 25 / 30 / 40 / 50 mm Formats: 1220 x 2440 mm / 1220 x 3050 mm BANOVA® SUPERFLEX MORE FLEXIBLE BENDING AND SHAPING Thanks to its new textile middle layer BANOVA* SUPERFLEX is extremly flexible and shows only a very little memory effect of the surfaces. Form components made with this flexible core are very light, stiff and stay stable in form. Shapes with radii up to 40 mm can be manufactured with best surface quality. BANOVA* SUPERFLEX - AT A GLANCE ■ Versatile applications and processing possibilities due to high flexibility ■ Easy manufacturing and handling without special tools or machines ■ Great surface quality on both sides when s-shaped ■ Outstanding surface quality when bonded in a membrane press ■ Organic smooth shaped surface - no segmentation compared to other materials ■ Solid core material makes a spotless surface possible ■ Wood from responsible sources — FSC* certified (FSC-C127318) ■ Dimensions: Thickness: 8 mm Formats: 1220 x 2440 mm / 2440 x 1220 mm / 3050 x 1220 mm

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BANOVA® PLUS - Lightweight and high performance BANOVA® PLUS is the world's lightest plywood with a core made of balsa from 100% RSC®-certified plantations (FSC-C019065). Its weight reduction of 50*70% in comparison to conventional wood panels is impressive, as is the high thermal insulation and lamination abilities. The panel is refined with a regionally available light hardwood, which provides thin but more resistant high-end surfaces. The new product is easy to process and brings high value to the manufacturing chain as well as in the final application. vO FSC www(K,«cg FSC- Ci«3l* Trm tank...

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AirexBaltek Banova Processing at a glance BANOVA" PLY and BANOVA" FLEX are wood based panels with very low density and are thus ideal for simple, efficient processing. Joining individual components into something bigger? Everything stays the same -just faster and easier. BANOVA* is therefore ideal for all joining methods commonly used in wood processing: Adhesion Bonding is one of the most efficient joining techniques that is perfectly suited for joints between BANOVA* and other materials. Common wood adhesives can easily be used. Lamello and tongue-and-groove joinery Lamello is a simple positioning...

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Finishing Adding cover layers optnufs properties like panel stiffness., rigidity, impact resistance, scratch resistaves, texture, color and probability pursuant to customer needs: Coaling Finishing cover layers made of solid wood veneers, MDF/HDF, HPL/CPL, aluminum, paper and synthetic foils gives BANOVA the desired properties. Printing BANOVA-' can be coated with extremely thin paper and thus becomes a very even material on which any desired subject can he printed. By the way: BANOVA is also used for direct priming without a cover layer. Processing BANOVA- is wood! Asa solid wood material, BANOVA"...

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According Id Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006    PagE 2 cl 3 Handling End storage Handling: Storage: No special measures required. Avoid generation or accumulation of dust. Take precautionary measures, against sialic discharges. Ground all equipmenL StotE away hum immediate and dangerous sources d ignition. Storage at a dry place is recommended. Exposure control J personal protection Exposure limit values (lor particles): Exposure cuotrate. Nat otherwise regulated: PEL TWA = 15 mg/m1. Fiberglass dual (CAS #65997-17-3) lor benting plywood: PEL TWAclO mg/m3. TWA=5 mtjAmJ for respiralion The use □!...

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1.1 Commitment by the management Innovaciones en Balsa Banova S.A. is committed to procuring products and services that ensure that materials are sourced from legal and well-managed forests that have been certified to credible certification standards. As a cornerstone of that commitment we will pursue a Responsible Sourcing Program to promote the use and marketing of legal and environmentally responsible forest products. 1.2 Continuous improvement We hereby commits to a commitment to continuously improve the sustainability level of our sourcing by favouring stricter and more credible certification...

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We will ensure that information about suppliers and sources of material are evaluated and necessary information is collected in order to enable effective risk assessment. 1.8 Risk □ sscssme nt a nd mitigation We will, carry out risk assessment of all suppliers and supplies of wood in order to evaluate the risk that the material or products being sourced originates from an illegal source or has been illegally traded. In case risks are identified and cannot be classified as negligible we will carry out appropriate risk mitigating actions in order to avoid any potential risk. 1.9 Monitoring and verification The...

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