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The Mustafa, an auxiliary rudder system using a trim

tab (Type 6), is produced by Italian Franco Malingri.

This enormous system is now very seldom seen. The

large area of the rudder blades puts considerable stress

on the transom mounting. The system has yaw

damping. Weighing up to 60 kg, it is probably the

heaviest windvane steering system available.

The Mustafa comes in two sizes:

• B, for boats up to 30 feet

• CE, for boats up to 60 feet

The systems can be obtained directly from the




This French servo-pendulum system (Type 11), which weighs only 18.5 kg, is particularly

popular on small boats in its home country. The system is of rather delicate construction and

uses plastic linkage components, making it impractical for larger boats. A SUPER NAVIK

system for larger boats was introduced but then withdrawn again almost immediately. The

special feature of the Navik, its lifting pendulum rudder, is not particularly convenient for

everyday use since disassembling the axle is very complicated. The windvane is connected to

the rudder blade with delicate plastic ball-and-socket joints which are quite fragile. The

system comes in one size.

The Navik system does not appear at the European boat shows and is available from the

manufacturer and from dealers.

Navik Super Navik

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