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MUD SUCKER DIAPHRAGM PUMPS MUD SUCKER® DIAPHRAGM PUMPS THE PUMP WITH ATTITUDE. Next Generation Diaphragm Pumps to Keep You Pumping Productively. Wastecorp’s Mud Sucker Brand offers more than 50 pump models to serve the needs of a wide range of industries and applications including marine, biodiesel, food processors, mining companies, pulp and paper producers, municipal sewage, oil refineries and much more. The 1.5” or 2” 2FA is the ultimate general purpose diaphragm pump with 40 GPM capabilities. Widely used for marine pump applications, biodiesel production, waste oil collection and light...

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MUD SUCKER DIAPHRAGM PUMPS THE MUD SUCKER ADVANTAGE FIVE TYPES OF DIAPHRAGM PUMPS FOR ALMOST ANY APPLICATION. CHOOSE YOURS. 1½” or 2” connection 20-40 GPM fluid transfer capabilities Air, hydraulic, electric or gas models available Stationary, wheel kit or trolley mounted Single or double diaphragm configurations See Page 18 • 3” connection • 80-160 GPM • Electric, engine, air, explosion proof and variable speed drives available • Rated for municipal or industrial applications • Stationary, wheel kit, trolley mount configurations See Page 20 2”, 3” or 4” connection Fluid handling capacities...

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MEDIUM DUTY DIAPHRAGM PUMPS Patented pump design available with a 1½” or 2” connection. The 2FA Series is one of the strongest multipurpose diaphragm pumps available. Designed for Almost Any Application The 2FA is an effective solution for all kinds of debris laden wastewater transfer including: • Marine • Biodiesel production • Dewatering • Multi-use Custom Drive Systems and Mounting Don’t settle for just any pump. Get the equipment you need to pump smarter. • Gas/diesel • Single phase/three phase • Air • Hydraulic • Wheel kit High performance fabric reinforced Viton® flapper valves Heavy...

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MEDIUM DUTY DIAPHRAGM PUMPS If your facility has hydraulic fluid lines then consider the Mud Sucker 2FA-H. This pump uses an Eaton Char Lynn hydraulic gear motor with 5.9” 3/r displacement. With all the standard 2FA features, this pump is a proven performer. Diaphragm Size Spherical Solids Air operated diaphragm pump technology has advanced with Wastecorp’s new Mud Sucker 2FA-AP Series. Wastewater moves fast through the pump body and the lightweight, all aluminum construction, improves versatility. The non-lube air drive with a magnetic piston ring, 3.3” stroke and ¼” urethane bumpers will...

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HEAVY DUTY DIAPHRAGM PUMPS Exclusive technology like our contoured velocity channel helps you move tough fluids without hassles. Municipal or Industrial Applications Custom solutions for over 100 applications with a variety of flapper, diaphragm and drive system options wastewater transfer including: • Diaphragm material with Santoprene® technology • Fully enclosed wet section • Transfer up to 2¼” solids • Pump up to 160 GPM Premium Siemens or SEW Eurodrive drive systems Top rated SantoIndustry excluprene diaphragms sive contoured for increased wear velocity channel resistance Fabric...

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HEAVY DUTY DIAPHRAGM PUMPS 3FA-EC Transform your pump out operation into a state-of-the-art facility with the new Mud Sucker 3FA Series. From a variety of variable speed drives to explosion proof options • 3hp/1800 RPM/3Ph/60 Hz three phase motor standard • Solids handling up to 2¼” • Transfer up to 80 GPM • The only pump with a Wastecorp engineered contoured velocity channel for enhanced slurry pumping Your Configuration Options Are Endless. EXPLOSION PROOF SINGLE PHASE When an air operated pump works best for your application, select the fluid handling power house 3FA-AP Series. Equipped...

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PROFESSIONAL DIAPHRAGM PUMPS SERIES PROFESSIONAL SEVERE DUTY PUMPING POWER. CRUSH DEBRIS LADEN WASTE WITH EASE. Professional pumps designed for municipal, mining, food processing, agricultural, construction, refinery sludge, petrochemicals and much more. Available in 1.5", 2", 3” and 4” connection sizes with pumping capabilities up to 110 GPM. Municipal or Industrial Solids Fighter Higher solids pumping requires a pump than can last the long haul for a severe duty pump: • One lubrication point to reduce maintenance • Easy access to pump interior • Alter the flow rate with an adjustable...

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PROFESSIONAL DIAPHRAGM PUMPS TOUGH SOLIDS Mud Sucker With the 3B-EC you get a state-of-the-art solution for high solids applications like food processing, agricultural and mining. Get all the pumping power you need with the engine driven B Series available with gas or diesel engines. • 3” connection • Capacity up to 80 GPM • 3 HP/1750 RPM/3PH/60 Hz/460V TEFC helical parallel gear motor • Heavy duty cast iron pump body Capacity up to 80 GPM 6.5 hp/3600 GPM as or diesel engines Manual or electric start 13” Santoprene diaphragm Stationary, dolly or trailer mount One look at the Mud Sucker...

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DOUBLE DIAPHRAGM PUMPS DOUBLE DIAPHRAGM DOUBLE THE PUMPING POWER. DOUBLE THE ATTITUDE. Pump up to 280 GPM and transfer solids up to 2¼”. The ideal pump for severe duty municipal, industrial, commercial, mining and much more. The Pump That Multi Tasks . The 2”, 3“ and 4” Mud Sucker double diaphragm pump series incorporates the same design characteristics as the FA™ Series, but its double diaphragm configuration increases the operating capacity (US GPM) two-fold. This enables you to perform multiple fluid transfer tasks simultaneously. • Versatile and powerful, you can mount the Mud Sucker DD...

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DOUBLE DIAPHRAGM PUMPS Wastecorp’s 1 ½” or 2” double pump out features a compact design for tight spaces without compromising pumping power. • Pump up to 40 GPM • Lightweight aluminum pump casings • Choice of air, gas, diesel and electric • Solids handling up to 1¼” The new 2BM-DD includes dual suction and discharge valve chambers to break apart lighter solids or to improve slurry pumping performance. • Standard 2 hp; 1800 RPM 3 ph/ 60 cycle230/460V drive system • Max fluid handling temp 140°F (60°C) continuous The 3FA-ECDD features 3” connections and 13” diaphragms. Transfer up to 160 GPM...

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