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PRINCIPAL CHARACTERISTICS LOA 16.45m 54ft 00in DWL 14.00m 45ft 11in Beam 4.60m 15ft 01in Draft 2.44m 8ft 00in Displ. 16920kg 37303lbs Total Sail Area 137.3m2 1478FT2 Sail Area/Displ. 2/3 22.0 From This yacht takes notions of comfort, speed and practicality into a new dimension. The design flexibility and use of Total integration of all aspects of a project is a hallmark of Warwick Yacht Design. No space reveal the wealth of detail is left unexplored, no challenge left unresolved. From the overall concept down experience invested in this to the napkins and crockery, every element singular project. is designed to contribute to the final outcome. With Moonblue, this meant working closely with High Modulus, which undertook the engineering and material supply. Building in composites presents special challenges and opportunities to enhance performance in speed, reliability, lower maintenance or higher cost effectiveness. High Modulus has a worldwide reputation in the application of high-tech composite materials. Yachting Developments undertook the construction, which comprises a foam core and kevlar laminate. Yachting Developments has gained recognition for its precision in gaining maximum benefit from modern materials to extremely fine tolerances. The outcome is plain to see in the outstanding finish of this yacht. But quality is not just skin deep. It is evident also in the invisible details, such as inbuilt composite stanchion tubes, carbon chain plates, and retractible sidedeck cleats. This level of detailing and engineering inspires great confidence in the project as a whole. NAVAL ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIOR DESIGN Warwick Yacht Design Limited 16 Linwood Ave, Forrest Hill, Auckland, New Zealand Phone 64 9 410 9620 Fax 64 9 410 8254 Compuserve 10024,2575 ENGINEERING High Modulus 9-11 Rothwell Ave, North Harbour, PO Box 100 528 NSMC Auckland, New Zealand Phone 64 9 415 6262 Fax 64 9 415 7262 Compuserve 100354,2523 CONSTRUCTION Yachting Developments Limited 16 Kahika Road, Box 66 092 Beachhaven, Auckland, New Zealand Phone 64 9 483 3299 Fax 64 9 483 3122 the Warwick Yacht Design Studio

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Fulfilling Moonblue's exacting brief involved the creation of an accomplished all-rounder ■ The Moonblue brief was challenging. The owner, an experienced yachtsman based in Hong Kong, wanted an ocean-capable cruiser, which, with the help of a delivery skipper and boatboy, would also be used extensively for business and entertaining. Racing too was on the agenda. Without sacrificing comfort, construction had to be lightweight and the hull shape and foils highly efficient. A powerful sail plan had to be balanced against draft restrictions in Hong Kong and for cruising generally. And, the greatest...

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