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for people on the move . . . Design flexibility opens options The Warwick 50 design is flexible enough to accommodate a number of building methods and a range of engine configurations. Ace was constructed in a composite of glass/ply/glass, but it would be equally appropriate in alloy, wood composite, GRP or high-tech composites. Ace is powered by two 247hp Yamaha diesels giving a top speed in light ship trim of 27 knots. Depending on the engine configurations, speeds ranging from 25 to 50 knots are achievable. This flexibility and the inherent hull characteristics would make the design eminently adaptable for applications such as coastal patrols, customs and police work. Another optional addition would be an electric sunroof to open the saloon in temperate climates, although the standard version is airy and bright with large sliding windows on the port and starboard sides. Warwick 50 EXL Principal Characteristics LOE LOA DWL Beam Draft Displ HST Water Fuel Engines Speed 15.240m 14.825m 11.250m 4.400m 0.600m 9,367kg 1,000 litres 1, 400 litres 2 X 184KW 27 knots 50ft 00in 48ft 08in 36ft 11in 14ft 05in 02ft 00in 9.2 tons 220 gal 310 gal 2 X 247 hp Warwick 50 Sportscruiser WARWICK YACHT DESIGN LIMITED 16 Linwood Ave, Forrest Hill, Auckland, New Zealand Ph. 64 9 410 9620 • Fax 64 9 410 8254 • Compuserve 100247,2575

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I Effortless high speed or people of all ages who enjoy life with a dash of verve and vigour.This low-profile sportcruiser concentrates on the essentials. In a busy world, time is precious. For those who want to range beyond the herd, but still have to main tain schedules, high performance cruising in a low-maintenance package is the answer. At 50ft the Ace design has big-boat attributes of power and performance, but is easily manageable. For couples who like to escape alone on occasions, this is perfectly feasible. In more gregarious moods, there is always space for children or guests. Constructed...

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