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WWS S Series - 1 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

To prevent your engine from playing fast and loose... system advantages • Electronic detection and warning • Pure fuel guarantee * Continuous operation • Serious damage prevention • Extremely high reliability -Easy installation • High quality materials The need for pure fuel has come to be a prerequisite for the smooth operation and performance of the continuously evolving engines. One of the major factors that count towards the impurity of fuel is water infestation. Warning S.A. offers an innovative approach to a problem so vital by presenting the Water The Water Warning System (WWS) is designed to separate, detect and warn of any water presence inside the fuel line, whilst providing with an easy and trouble-free way to When activated, the WWS establishes its presence through a "self-test"; two split- second sounds are emitted from the system's beeper and the LED light located at the upper part of the water trap shifts between green and red, thus letting the user know that the system is functional and he is well protected. It then enters normal operation, marked by a silent beeper and a stable green LED light, indicating that the fuel is clean. If water makes a presence in the system, it is slowly gathered at the bottom part of the water trap. When it reaches approximately 20% of the water trap's capacity, detection takes place through a set of sensors. Simultaneously, the beeper sounds in a continuous fashion, which in conjunction with the now red LED light, warn the user of water presence in the fuel line. All the user has to do is turn the engine off for just a few minutes, extract the trapped water via the water valve, whilst speeding up the process by opening the ventilation valve, and continue cruising with no further problems. It is as simple as it sounds. 'The engine's fuel flow raie should be leu or equal loihe maximum flow raie for deieclion, as indicated m ine WWS Speciflcalions. Please refer lo engine's manual for values. JOpIional wiring of eilher 2m (6.6ft)or 4m (13.2 ft) available. connection diagram WWS (Water Warning System)

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