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wally class rules - 60 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

2011 edition the wallyclass rules updated with the 2011 - 2015 wallycento rules 100

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WALLYCLASS INDEX 4B sails as moving ballast 10 5A final overall scoring 11 5B final performance division scoring 11 8 wally event officer 14 9 wally official measurer 15 11 true wind speed limit 15 13 modifications and rating certificates 16 16 berths during the regattas 18

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The Wally Class is an association of the Owners of Wally Yachts, and organises races exclusively between the fast cruisers produced by Wally. The rules here defined are established by the Wally Chairman, who is the sole ultimate authority, and who has the right to propose changes to these Rules, but only when approved by the majority The Class Members nominate the Class Secretary. The object of the Wally Class is to enable all participants to enjoy fair racing within the Wally Class over the course of the season. The minimum number of entries for the Wally Class Division at an official event is...

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maximum LP allowed = 110% J (ORC definition); ► reachers or flat gennakers (code 0) ► full accommodations, fittings, stores as provided for cruising - Appendix B and D; ► a valid IRC Endorsed Certificate. OWNERS MEMBERSHIP Wally Owner intending to enter the Wally Racing Season must pay the class fee before the first event With a minimum of three (3) entries, the Wally Class will organize a Performance Division in addition to the Overall Division at any Wally event. To be eligible to enter the Performance Division a Wally Yacht (as described in the Wally Class Rules #2 and in Appendix D) must have...

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of two (2) events during the previous season are Partially-Raced Boats, and will have Boats that have entered and raced in four (4) events during the previous season are Actively-Raced Boats, and will have three (3) votes each. Sail limitations apply when entering a Wally Class Event with the relevant separate scoring and results. Each Wally, even if equipped with a larger sail inventory, while racing shall not carry on board more than the following sails: ► four (4) jibs and genoas ► five (5) gennakers (including IRC code 0) The number of sails on board while racing shall not exceed the figure...

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in the rating Certificate. So-called “Wally Code 0’s” are not permitted from the beginning of the 2011 season unless declared in the IRC Rating Certificate as a jib. Upwind headsails are limited to 110% of J. restrictions E The use of the Code 0 is banned while sailing upwind at the yacht’s max upwind vmg. E The use of the Code 0 is not allowed in any windward leg and weather mark of any type of race (Windward/Leeward, triangle, coastal, and offshore courses) unless the wind will shift in a way to allow the boat hoisting the Code 0 to clearly fetch the next mark. E It is strictly banned to tack...

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5 scoring system The official Wally Class rating system for the season 2011 is IRC. This means the following: E IRC is used for the purpose of measuring a Wally and obtain a Rating Certificate; E in case of conflict between IRC and Wally, the Wally Rules prevail provided that: a the Wally is racing in its own group/division; b the Wally rule is included in the Event’s rules; E a Wally shall comply with her current IRC certificate at anytime while racing in a Wally event. 5A final overall scoring For Final Scoring of the season’s results, the best results from Wally’s with Owner-Drivers having...

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scoring” (i.e. if the result of a yacht sailing in Performance Division is 6th overall, but is 1st in Performance Division, her score will be 1st and not 6th). At any event, provided that the minimum number is matched, there will be two (2) classifications: the Performance Division and the Overall. 6 helmsmen and crew The owners or/and their families are invited to be at the helm, except in emergency situations, where the emergency is clearly an unsafe situation and not a strategy, taken by the boat to better exploit the ISAF Racing Rules. No bonus or penalty will be applied at the elapsed time...

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or are non-group 1 sailors defined by ISAF) Every Wally has to inform by email or text the Class Secretary who will steer the boat, before the start of each event and anytime the helmsman is changing (before the start of the first race of the day). ► has steered an America's Cup boat during any race during the last 15 years; ► has been in the top 20 of the World Match Race Rankings in the last 15 years; ► has steered during the last four (4) Olympic ► has steered during the last edition of the Volvo Ocean Race; is regarded as a Super Professional and is not permitted to steer in the Wally Class. SHORT...

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After the first four (4) hours, any crew member on board (except for a Super Professional) is permitted to steer the boat with no alteration applied to the elapsed time. LONG RACES (SEE DEFINITION IN APPENDIX A) The maximum number of people permitted onboard during any event of the Wally Class will be that listed on the IRC certificate deducted by 10%. Guests are included in the total number of permitted crew, except that Ladies count half in the crew number calculation. Crew Lists have to be presented with changes (including guests) in accordance with the Organizing Authority requirements. 8...

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9 wally official measurer As stated in the Appendix A, the Wally Class has appointed the official Measurer. The Official Measurer will have the rights to control any Wally at his discretion and to check the compliance to IRC and Wally Rules. He is entitled to measure the boats before and during the Racing Season and to keep a record of each Wally. He manages the relationship between the IRC Office and the Class Secretary in relation to any Measurement Issues. 10 courses The courses of the Wally Class will be in accordance with the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions of each event included...

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speed. The decision to conduct a race lies solely with the Race Committee, and it is a skipper’s sole responsibility to decide to participate in the race. Any decision by the Race Committee can not be considered as grounds for protest, and all yachts that do not start will be scored as DNS (Did Not Start). Before each event the Wally Class Secretary will inform the Race Committee when to apply this rule. 12 configuration All interior cruising equipment shall be kept on board and in its original place in accordance with IRC measurement condition (IRC #17) while racing. Please refer to Appendix...

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