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wally class rules - 16 Pages

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wally class rules
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Catalogue excerpts

wallyclassThe 2016 Wally Class Rules January 2016 1. The Wally Class The Wally Class is an association of the Owners of Wally Yachts organising and coordinating races exclusively between the fast cruisers branded by Wally. The rules here defined are established by the Wally Chairman, who is the sole ultimate authority and who has the right to propose changes to these Rules to be approved by the majority of the Class Members. In case of stall between the members the Wally Chairman has the authority to approve an amendment of these rules. The Class Members nominate the Class Secretary. The object...

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wallyclass •    Group 80 (minimum 2    entrants) •    Group Giga (minimum 2    entrants) 3. Voting System Each Owner, regular member of the Wally Class, shall have one (1) vote if competing in one (1) or two (2) races and two (2) votes if entering more than two (2) races. The reference period is the calendar year prior to the Owners' Annual General Meeting. 4. Sails Sails limitations apply when entering a Wally Class Event. The following limits apply only to Wally NOT included in Group 2 and in Group Giga mentioned in 2.a and described in Appendix B. Each Wally while racing shall not carry on...

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7. Scoring system of the Wally Trophy A Wally Trophy is awarded at the end of the racing season using the high point scoring system. This system rewards the results according to the number of participants: the highest the participation, the highest the score. The Wally with the highest number of points wins the Wally Trophy. Each event has the same coefficient. Points will be calculated in consideration of each event discard as stated in the notice of race and will be the sum of every valid race. Wally not entering an event or a race will be scored with zero (0) points. Only Wally participating...

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8.b Alternate helmsman Owners can appoint an alternate helmsman, to be approved by the Class Members. He/she must be a proven owner of a yacht at least 60-foot long. 8.c Super Professional Super professionals, as below defined, are not allowed to steer in the Wally Class. Any helmsman who: • has been part of the afterguard on an America's Cup boat since 1975 • has been in the top 20 of the World Match Race Rankings in the last 20 years • has been part of the last four (4) Olympic Games • has steered during the last (five) 5 editions of the Volvo Ocean Race is considered a Super Professional and...

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The load cell used for official weighing sessions shall be the same for Wally yachts of similar size and weight. All sails must be measured and duly signed by an official measurer. IRC Official Sails inputs spread-sheets shall be delivered to the Class Secretary in accordance with each rating certificate in use in the coming event. Signatures of sailmakers will only be accepted as an exception. Certified sailmakers will be requested to proof their status in written submitting the “ In House Certification” form. 12. Event schedule and courses Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions of each event...

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13.a Communications Only communications posted on the Official Notice Board or, when mentioned, in the Event web site, have to be considered as official. Internal Wally Class communications should preferably be done via email. WhatsApp, text messages and phone conversations are only used as additional way of communication but are not considered official. 14. Configuration All interior cruising equipment shall be kept on board and in its original place in accordance with IRC measurement condition (IRC #17) while racing. Please refer to appendix A. 15. Collisions and prescriptions Collisions between...

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wallyclass 18.a LVDST: general criteria In order to assign the mooring slots in St Tropez during les VDST the following elements will be considered by the Wally Class Chairman: 0 New Wally yachts / new owners 0 Wally entering more events during the season APPENDICES A, B & C are part of the present Rule. APPENDIX A List of equipment that can be removed for racing: • what is not herein specified shall stay on board in its original place. • this list can be updated after each event upon request and approval of the majority of the Class. 2. furling systems: swivel or parts of the swivel (note: in...

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1. GROUP 2: with a minimum of two (2) entries, the Wally Class will consider a Group 2 at any Wally event as stated at Point 2 of the present rules. 2. GROUP 80: with a minimum of two (2) entries, the Wally Class will consider a Group 80 at any Wally event as stated at Point 2 of the present rules. 3. GROUP GIGA: with a minimum of two (2) entries, the Wally Class will consider a Group Giga at any Wally event as stated at Point 2 of the present rules. 2. Eligibility The following Wally yachts are eligible to enter Group 2, Group 80 and Group Giga. Group 2    Group 80 Aon Barong B Genie of the Lamp IfifiQQrifo...

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wallyclass NOTE: If a furling system is not present on board (i.e. Wally 77) a furlable concept sail, with a maximum 110% LP, can be used. 4.a Group 2: further limitations • racing jibs shall always be mounted with the swivel on top of their head when a furling unit is present • jib furling systems, if present, shall be always complete and operable (Wally 77 is grandfathered) • at the beginning of each event sails shall be declared to the Class Secretary not later than 2 hours before the warning of the first race • sails on board can be chosen before leaving the dock every morning but shall not...

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event that mast (and rig) would be replaced after 1 January 2016, new masts must have the spreaders with the minimum angle above mentioned (17°). 1. twin running-backstays are allowed 2. running Backstay control lines to lead only to Hydraulic Rams and/or powered Winches (systems to be approved by Wally). The Magic Trim (hydraulic rams) shall be sized to allow a minimum actual run of the running backstays of 3.5 meters. 3. running backstay dead ends shall be leading to snubbing winches or regular winches 4. a manual back up system shall be in place for tensioning or quick releasing the backstays...

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