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Wahoo Docks Residential Docks - 12 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts


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RESIDENTIAL DOCKS Each year, Wahoo Docks manufactures more unique docks than any other dock builder in North America. MAINTENANCE FREE Why? It could be luck. Or, it could be because our docks deliver the highest value to our clients, because we have earned a reputation for delivering on what we promise and because we work cooperatively with our customers to achieve their most optimal solution. We understand that a dock is a considerable personal investment and excellence should be expected. We have built our company around having the industry’s best engineering talent, manufacturing expertise...

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SOLUTION FOCUSED Wahoo representatives are located throughout North America A key ingredient to our success is the collaborative effort within the Wahoo Docks team. Our products are sold exclusively by a network of certified dealers throughout the country who are equipped with an unparalleled level of knowledge, skill and the cumulative experience from the largest dealer group in the industry. In addition to the impressive background of each of our dealers, continued education is maintained through factory trips, annual network-wide meetings and even written tests. You can be confident that your...

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Aluminum is renowned for its excellent weathering characteristics—a result of its high strength and resistance to oxidation. For wet, marine-based applications, aluminum structural materials are the most effective way to achieve a durable, maintenance-free assembly that will not weather like other popular building materials, specifically steel or wood. Further, aluminum requires no protective coatings such as primer, paint or stain which promotes a healthy marine environment and eliminates costly routine maintenance. In addition, we exclusively use stainless Maintenance-Free It takes less time...

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We go to great lengths to ensure that our docks look better than any other, both when new and after years of service. The finishing touches that are standard on our docks can only come from a company of our resources, investments in tooling and engineering depth. We use over 35 patented and proprietary extrusions , castings and other components that efficiently enhance the structural integrity of our docks while also making them more attractive and functional. Whether it’s our proprietary aluminum railing system that uses 13 unique components for its unsurpassed beauty and safety, our patented...

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reinforced roof pole connections noise eliminating bushings HDPE plastic bushings insulate metal to metal contact points on the dock and gangway to eliminate noises typical with traditional floating docks. Roof poles are set into gusseted pockets that are shaped into and capture the entire mass of the mainframe and roof channel, creating the stiffest, most durable connection possible - even stronger than a welded joint. premium boat protection reinforced corners DryJoist protection Our corner bracket is a full 14 pounds/foot extrusion which acts to strengthen the most critical locations on the...

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heavy duty hinge gusset reinforcements maintenance free decking finished trim work Our proprietary piano hinge is stronger, safer and quieter than the hinge on any competitive dock. The hinge pin is co-extruded with an HDPE plastic sheath to insulate the metal-to-metal contact and keep the hinge secure and quiet for the lifetime of the dock. The gusset reinforcements complement the uniquely stout components of the Category 5 due to their interlocking arrangement with the surrounding components and the sheer number of supports. We engineered AridDek aluminum decking specifically to compliment the...

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The Wahoo Attention to Detail Post Covers enhance aesthetics and hide decking cuts around roof poles The Wahoo Category 3 series is the highest value boat dock available. It is designed using the same engineering principles and many of the same components as our industry leading dock, the Category 5, but is made with less material and finish components and is more in line with the features of other aluminum docks on the market. This allows us to offer a dock similar in price to competitive aluminum dock brands but with significantly greater strength and feature benefits. In essence, it embodies...

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same engineering principles and design team uses Wahoo Patented corner extrusions incorporates 4” octagonal posts and post receivers and post covers uses Wahoo proprietary gangway and hinge 100% stainless steel fasteners incorporates Wahoo patented UHMW-PE bushings for noise reduction same renowned Wahoo support before, during and after purchase most accessories, color options and upgrades available on the Cat 5 are available on the Cat 3 series same grade of structural aluminum - 6061-T6 less structural aluminum - designed for light to moderate environmental conditions less floatation - less...

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STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY Engineering Leader The engineering features on a Wahoo dock are present long before our MIG welding begins. At the heart of our operations is an in-house developed, state-of-the-art computer software system, DOTS. This technology enables us to accurately schedule every project and efficiently manage our inventory and shipping logistics—no small feat considering we build and ship more unique docks than anyone in the country. More impressively, DOTS uses our proprietary algorithms to design each and every dock we build, render 2- and 3-dimensional models for our engineers...

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Because of its resistance to corrosion, it is estimated that 75% of all the aluminum that has ever been produced is still in use today ALUMINUM OXIDATION STEEL OXIDATION (RUST) WOOD DECAY marine environment is subjected to moisture and repeated cycles of intense wetting and drying. Result: Aluminum Oxide, one of the hardest substances on earth (naturally occurring as Rubies and Sapphires) forms on the exposed surface. Effect: The tough Aluminum Oxide barrier prevents further oxidation, giving aluminum its renowned longevity properties. permeable to air and water, allowing the metal to continue...

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