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Wahoo-Docks-Materials-and-Color-Palettes - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts


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Each dock is a reection of its owner. With the selection of colors and materials, a dock owner can impart a particular style to their waterfront appearance even though the footprint and overall shape of the docks on a specic body of water can often be very similar. At Wahoo, we have gone to great lengths to make the look of our docks as exible as possible, as economically as possible. To achieve this, we have invested heavily in proprietary materials and fashioned processes to allow us to change the look of almost any part of our structures while maintaining our renown maintenance-free experience....

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ROOF COLOR P alette Wahoo exposed fastener super span metal roof panels with purlin bearing leg are constructed from 26 gauge sheet metal and are Kynar 500 coated to protect against color fading, extreme sun and salt environments and to endure signicant wind and snow loads. Kynar coated panels are supported by a limited 35-year warranty. Matte Black Patrician Bronze Hartford Green Regal Blue Regal White Light Stone Exposed Fastener Super R-Panel Roman Blue Surrey Beige Terra Tone * Tudor Brown Classic Tile Stone-Coated Metal Panels Barclay * Panels with purlin bearing leg are available in all...

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DECKING OPTIONS Specications COMPOSITION: 6005-T5 marine grade aluminum Over a decade ago, Wahoo Docks engineered AridDek as the perfect compliment to its maintenance free boat docks; a long lasting maintenance free decking that can withstand some Benets of Aluminum FAMILY FRIENDLY: no harmful chemicals are required to protect or maintain AridDek FINISH: slip-resistant in wet/dry conditions, backed by a powder-coated finish that will never require painting, sealing or staining OUTDOOR EXPOSURE: meets AAMA-2603 – suitable for long term exposure in harsh conditions. naturally UV resistant COOL TO...

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SY SYNTHETIC WOOD YNT YNTHETIC Specications FINISH: no coating is necessary; can be sealed DURABILITY: impervious to insects and will not split, decay, crack or rot DURABILITY: satisfies ASTM3 tests for load, puncture, wind uplift and blunt impact COMPOSITION: natural hardwood (no chemical preservatives), often referred to as Brazilian Walnut COMPOSITION: reinforced concrete einforced FINISH: natural wood grain pattern for aesthetic appearance, traction, scratch resistant Specications ions COMPOSITION: reinforced cellular PVC Ipe is a natural, untreated hardwood that offers numerous useful properties...

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RAIL, POLE & FRAME OPTIONS Although the aesthetic features of the dock frame are important, the protection it provides a watercraft is similarly critical. Dock edging is most commonly used to protect a boat’s hull from the frame and it can be used over our aluminum mainframe over IPE wrap. To achieve maximum boat protection, our proprietary frame bumpers are a useful way to encapsulate the entire frame and thereby completely insulate a boat from Mill Finish Aluminum With Dock Edging IPE Frame Wrap With Dock Edging contact with the dock. Mainframe Bumper The look of the roof poles can be altered roof...

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Eave appearance can be altered to keep a consistent look throughout the dock. A natural aluminum look is often matched Metal Eave Trim and poles, IPE Eave Wrap can be used when the lower frame and roof poles are wrapped in IPE and the Metal Eave Trim is often used to complement the Antique with the natural look on the lower frame Bronze roof poles. Mill Finish Aluminum Our railing system consists of 14 unique, proprietary extrusions and castings to any other. The entire system is made from marine grade aluminum for long lasting, maintenance free enjoyment and comes in three color options. Mocha Antique...

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The Tidewater ROOFING: Patrician Bronze The Craftsman ROOFING: Autumn Red DECKING: AridDek Sandstone RAILING: Mocha POLES: Mill-Finish Aluminum FRAME: Mill-Finish Aluminum with dock edging EAVE: Mill-Finish Aluminum POLES: Antique Bronze DECKING: IPE/Composite Sand FRAME: Mainframe Bumper RAILING: Antique Bronze EAVE: Antique Bronze Metal Eave Trim The Low Country ROOFING: Clay DECKING: IPE/Composite Sand Inspirational Color P e alett Note: actual colors may vary from simulated colors in this brochure. POLES: Mill-Finish Aluminum FRAME: Mainframe Bumper RAILING: Mocha EAVE: Mill-Finish Aluminum The...

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