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Wahoo Docks Dock Options - 12 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts


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Design Options Overview Wahoo Docks custom builds more unique docks for more locations throughout the world than any other dock manufacturer. We design docks to suit a wide range of tastes, needs, regulatory requirements and environmental conditions. Yet, in each and every installation, the same attention to detail, proprietary structural materials and exceptional design standards are maintained to ensure unparalleled durability, low maintenance and aesthetic appeal. Regulatory criteria typically drive the general design of a dock, especially regarding its overall dimensions. However, even in...

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Commercial Dock Layouts

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Roof Styles Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude. Ralph Marston’s The Daily Motivator Wahoo categorizes roof types into three fundamental styles: Gables, Hips and Upper Decks. Within these basic styles, we offer variations to accommodate a range of dock layouts, local nuances and personal preferences. Roof choices are typically made with equal regard given to personal aesthetic appeal, desired utility and cost. The most economical roofs are our Gables and Hips and between these two options, the Hip roof offers slightly better protection from the elements and is often considered more attractive...

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Sun Deck with Gables Upper Deck Shade

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Sun Deck with Gables: Front to Back

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Anchoring Methods Be a yardstick of quality...used to an environment where excellence is expected. Steve Jobs, Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO of Apple Inc. The method and quality of anchoring on a floating dock is critical to its durability, longevity and maintenance requirements. For the most part, the anchoring on a floating dock is intended to keep a dock in place and not for stabilization purposes. Although we have used a wide variety of anchoring methods over the years, the vast majority of all docks are anchored using one or a combination of the methods described below. Particular anchoring...

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Cable Anchoring Stiff Arm Anchoring This anchoring method provides a relatively economical, effective means for dock anchoring and is especially suitable when a dock layout runs primarily along the shoreline and the dock does not need to chase seasonal water fluctuations. In all cases, cables running diagonally between the Stiff Arms are required to adequately secure the dock and, This common anchoring method is often the best system for anchoring a floating dock. Not only simple and cost-effective, it is suitable for situations that challenge certain other anchoring methods­­­­­ This includes...

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Decking Lower Level Upper Level Gangway Gangway Length Width Shore Hinge Dock Hinge Anchoring Method Roof Type Gable A-Frame Hip Gable Front-to-Back Hip and a Half Gable and a Half Sun Deck with Gables with Gable Front-to-Back with Hip Upper Shade Full Sun, No Roof Accessories Ladder Dock Box Other Contact Details Roof Color Toll Free: 866-532-8411 • Tel: 770-532-8411 • Fax: 770-532-2983 1604 Athens Highway • Gainesville, G

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