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AridDek Brochure - 4 Pages

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AridDek Brochure
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Catalogue excerpts

Beautiful. Durable. Low Maintenance. Easy to Install. Waterproof. AridDek.

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The Truly Waterproof Interlocking Decking System AridDek’s innovative tongue-and-groove design creates a seamless, single layer surface with an integrated, hidden gutter system that channels water away from your structure. The engineering of AridDek’s aluminum decking results in a completely watertight, waterproof deck/roof while the proprietary tongue-in-groove design provides flexible sizing for any width or length. In fact, it’s the o ly waterproof aluminum decking that can be ripped without compromising the tongue-in-groove feature. AridDek creates a beautiful, low-maintenance deck that provides...

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Benefits of Aluminum Cryogenically Strong: Low expansion coefficient so it expands and contracts very little. Will not become brittle with temperature extremes. Efficient: High strength-to-weight ratio. Corrosion Resistant: It simply will not rust. Family Friendly: No harmful chemicals yet easy to clean and stain resistant. Mildew Resistant: Relatively non-porous surface creates poor growth medium for fungi, mold and mildew. Cool to the Touch: Aluminum’s high thermal conductivity evenly dissipates heat, ensuring cool to the touch surfaces even on hot summer days. Unlike common deck materials that...

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Quick & Easy Installation Step 1: Secure Start Board Start Board Step 3: Secure Finish Board and Cover Edges with Trim Step 2: Slide Tongue Into Groove and Repeat with Main Boards Start Board Main Board Start Board Main Board Finish Board Hidden Fastener System Fasten one #10 stainless steel screw every 2 feet. No pre-drilling required when installed with a high-speed screw gun or drill. One Step Waterproof Solution AridDek is ideal for new construction or the remodeling of existing outdoor structures and provides a lifetime of low-maintenance benefits while creating a 100% dry outdoor living...

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