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WARTSILA IN THE MARINE MARKET Wàrtsilà is committed to providing its customers with solutions, integrated systems, products and life cycle services to support the efficiency and competitiveness of their operations. We do this by understanding the customers' needs, and by being involved throughout the llfecycle of the solutions provided From initial design and newbulld construction through to retrofitting existing installations, we have the capabilities and expertise to provide value-adding support. We can customize our solutions to meet specific design and operational requirements, and we...

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Wàrtsilà offering includes integrated solutions, systems and propulsion products for the marine industry. Our offering includes ship design, machinery, propulsion and manoeuvring systems, and automation, all of which are supported by a global service network. We serve owners, operators and shipyards In the merchant, cruise & ferry, offshore, naval and special vessel • Environmental technologies • Ship design • Automation • Power electric systems • Engines • Propulsion packages • Generating sets • Auxiliary systems • Propellers • Nozzles • Rudders • Thrusters • Jets • Gears • Stern tubes,...

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DESIGN PORTFOLIO Wàrtsilà primarily provides designs for merchant, offshore and special vessels. Offshore construction vessels, anchor handling vessels, platform supply vessels, cable layers, pipe layers, container vessels, chemical tankers, Ice breakers, research vessels and offshore wind farm Installation vessels are amongst our most recent references, DESIGN SERVICES AND MARINE CONSULTANCY Wàrtsilà provides a comprehensive range of marine consultancy services for shipyards or ship owners who are Involved In newbuilding, conversion and retrofit projects. We provide technical, operational...

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SCHIFFKO CV 1300 Container vessel SCHIFFKO CV 1800 Container vessel

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PRODUCT TANKER SK 4119 3E Tankers - Environment, Economy, Efficiency REEFER SK 3110 Refrigerated Cargo Carriers VS 491 CD AHTS Anchor Handling vessel

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Environmental Technologies Wàrtsilà's solutions are customized to specific ship design and operational requirements to ensure maximum efficiency, reliability and environmental performance over the entire llfecycle of the Installation. Examples of Wàrtsilà's achievements In environmental care are RT-flex engines, dual-fuel engines for LNG carriers and environmentally friendly stern tube sealing systems IMO NOx EMISSIONS AND WÀRTSILÀ ENGINES The exhaust emissions regulations In Annex VI of the MARPOL 73/78 convention that entered into force on 19 May 2005 are now referred to as IMO Tier I. In...

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Phot Phot Photo: ddgeir efv Photo: Oddgeir Refvik ho oto: ddge o dge dg g efvi efv fv fvi Under IMO Tier III, the NOX emission limit for engines installed in ships constructed on or after 1 January 2016 will be reduced, according to a speeddependent function, 80% from IMO Tier I levels (see chart), when the ship is operating in a designated Emission Control Area. Outside designated Emission Control Areas Tier II limits apply. Wärtsilä will adapt its engines to comply with the new upcoming NOX emission regulations. ENVIRONMENTAL CERTIFICATIONS Wärtsilä offers a wide range of products to...

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Environmental Technologies WARTSILA DUAL FUEL ENGINES WITH SUPERIOR ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE Gas operation gives a great environmental advantage compared to diesel mode seen from the exhaust gas emission point of view. When operating the engine in gas mode the exhaust emissions are extremely low. In gas mode operation, the NOx emissions are over 80% below the current IMO level, complying with the upcoming IMO Tier III standard. The SOx emissions are almost negligible and the amount of emitted particles is less than 10% compared to a conventional marine diesel engine running on diesel....

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Fuel savings and a reduction in emissions can be achieved with Wàrtsila Energopac. This is an integrated propulsion and steering system which increases the propulsion efficiency, but does not compromise on manoeuvring characteristics and comfort levels. Energopac Includes a special propeller design, a sophisticated high-lift flap rudder equipped with an efficiency bulb and a special fairing cap connected to the propeller hub. The bulb and fairing cap work together to streamline the water flow behind the propeller while the twisted leading edge and rudderflap reduce rudder drag. Depending on...

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Environmental Technologies Main engine Ship service steam Ship service power Schematic of a High-Efficiency Waste Heat Recovery plant typical for large container ships with the turbogenerator supplying both assisted propulsion and the ship's service power. The shaft motor can also serve as a shaft generator for added flexibility In operation. HIGH-EFFICIENCY WASTE HEAT RECOVERY (WHR) Waste heat recovery is an effective technology for simultaneously cutting exhaust gas emissions and reducing fuel consumption. High-Efficiency Waste Heat Recovery plants can be installed with Wàrtsilà engines....

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WÀRTSILÀ SCRUBBER As part of the revised and adopted Marpol Annex VI, new limitations on SOx emissions have been Introduced by IMO; particulate matter emissions reduction is part of the same regulation. Particulate matters are considered to be simultaneously reduced with SOx, The regulation has different SOx limitations and time of implementation tighter limitations will be applied earlier In emission control areas, while the global sulphur cap will be significantly reduced by 2020 or 2025 (In case of postponement of the implementation year) There are no restrictions In the use of high...

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Environmental Technologies Wàrtsilà has developed a NOx reducer (NOR) based on selective, catalytic reduction technologies. The programme covers Wàrtsilà's medium-speed engine portfolio. The reduction in NOx emissions Is 85—95% The size of the NOR Is optimized in terms of performance and costs. The main components of the SCR installation are the reactor, which Is the core of the installation, a reagent pumping unit, a dosing unit for controlling the reagent flow, and an injection unit for feeding the reagent into the duct. The dosing unit Is provided with a dedicated control cabinet. An...

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