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Wärtsilä Solutions 2014

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Ballast Water Management Systems_20 Engines & Generating Sets 30 Low-Speed Dual-Fuel Engines 32 Low-Speed Generation X Engines 34 Low-Speed RT-flex & RTA Engines 44 High Efficiency Waste Heat Recovery 59 Tank Control Systems 104 Single Input Gears 110

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Power Electric Systems 124 Electric Propulsion Systems 124 Direct Electric Heating 125 Controllable Pitch Propellers 130 Fixed Pitch Propellers 136 Underwater Mountable Thrusters 150 Seawater Lift Pumps 171 General Service Centrifugal Pumps 173 Seals, Bearings, Stern Tubes & Others 176 Stern Tube Solutions 183 Other Seals & Bearings Products 183 Waste, Oil & Fresh Water Management 186 Fresh Water Generation 186 Oily Water Systems 188 Advanced Waste Water Processing 191 Waste Water Processing 192 Vacuum System Technology 193 Marine Lifecycle Solutions and Financial Solutions 194 Wartsila...

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At Wärtsilä we strive constantly to do what is best for you. This includes optimising the lifecycle value of your installations by offering precisely what you need; a promise we can deliver on since we provide the marine industry’s most complete portfolio of innovative products, integrated solutions and global services.By prioritising operational efficiency, environmental excellence, fuel flexibility and 24/7 support, we work with you to find your shorter route to robust growth, greater profitability and regulatory compliance. This is why today, every third vessel in the world has a...

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ENVIRONMENTAL EXCELLENCE Many of our products are designed to have a direct environmental benefit. By eliminating or reducing polluting discharges and emissions from our customer’s processes, we ensure that they can continue to operate in sensitive areas around the world. We understand the regulatory environments in which our customers operate. Our expertise ensures that the solution provided meets your operating requirements while complying with all relevant environmental legislation. Our years of experience and technology leadership provide a strong basis of support for customers as they...

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FUEL FLEXIBILITY Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel in the world. At Wärtsilä, we have for several decades pioneered the development of gas technology. With our gas-fuelled solutions, the combination of high efficiency and low emissions is now unequalled in the marine and oil & gas markets. Wärtsilä’s dual-fuel systems give you the chance to select the most suitable fuel or fuels depending on factors such as availability and price. Our dual-fuel (DF) engines are unique in the breadth of their flexibility. They are able to run on natural gas, marine diesel oil, heavy fuel oil, or even...

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OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY At Wärtsilä we optimise a vessel’s efficiency by looking at the whole picture, starting from the initial design. We study the vessel’s power and propulsion systems, the integrated automation systems, and the way that the vessel will be operated and maintained. Our support also includes retrofit projects that reduce costs and risks, minimise downtime, and improve efficiencies. These retrofits are the product of excellent engineering capabilities, and are designed to extend the lifecycle of the installation. LIFECYCLE SUPPORT Our global Wärtsilä Services business also...

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SHIP DESIGN PORTFOLIO & SERVICES With the benefit of 50 years of experience, Wärtsilä Ship Design is able to offer a complete range of options; from fully tailor-made unique designs, to standard, well proven, off-the-shelf designs. A ship is built to last several decades, and decisions made in the early design stages will have consequences that effect the operation of the vessel throughout its entire lifetime. Wärtsilä takes operational considerations, as well as construction friendliness, into account during the design phase. Wärtsilä’s vision is to be its customers’ most valued business...

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SHIP DESIGN We cover the full range of ship design disciplines, including naval architecture, hull optimisation, stability calculations, hull and structural engineering, accommodation and outfitting, machinery and piping engineering, as well as automation and electrical engineering. Wärtsilä offers basic designs, including classification drawings, detail design, and optimised 3D production drawings for shipyards worldwide. Wärtsilä also offers a comprehensive range of marine consultancy services for shipyards or ship owners undertaking newbuilding, conversion, and retrofit projects....

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VESSEL AUTOMATION Wärtsilä Control and Communication Center – 3C An intelligent integration platform for all crucial onboard systems with flexibility to all types of vessels within the shipping industry, covering the offshore market, container and tanker trade up to ferries and cruise liners. Together with experienced and proven partners Wärtsilä is introducing the Control and Communication Centre – 3C. Wärtsilä Control & Communication Centre – 3C represents the very latest in fully integrated vessel control systems. It will be a vital link between the bridge and the ship’s automation,...

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The multifunction displays (widescreen TFT) present: Radar including ARPA-Collision avoidance zz Chartradar zz ECDIS with automated route planning, weather chart, and online NAVTEX information zz ECOmeter (power management tool and advisory system for optimum engine configurations to achieve reduced fuel consumption and emissions) zz Sensor health performance monitoring zz Fast and easy access to navigation and automation data from any multifunction display zz Centralised dimming system zz Centralised alarm system zz Single action takeover zz Advanced route planning including weather,...

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Wärtsilä Integrated Automation Systems Wärtsilä Integrated Automation System (WIAS) comprises all the functionality one can expect from a modern vessel automation system. Whether the vessel is an ice breaker working in arctic conditions, a ship sailing in tropical seas, or a supply vessel operating in the rough winter storms of the North Sea, the crew must be able to trust the onboard power and automation installations. Wärtsilä provides a broad assortment of alarm and control systems, from small alarm and monitoring systems (AMS) to advanced Wärtsilä Integrated Automation Systems with an...

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