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Solutions for merchant vessels

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37,000 dwt product tanker Aristidis is fitted with 6-cylinder Wärtsilä RT-flex50 engines. RT-flex engines are able to run stably at very low speeds. YOUR PARTNER IN SHIP POWER Wärtsilä provides integrated solutions for powering ships to support ship owners and operators in their own businesses. Our Merchant business has a professional focus not only on powering but also in maintaining and operating seaborne transportation in more economical and sustainable ways. The world’s merchant fleet represents almost 80% of all the vessels ordered each year. Among them, 85% will be powered by...

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COMPLIANCE WITH RULES IN ECA Market Group 1 Estimated % of current fleet Customer’s requirements • Simple solution • Fulfilling ECA standards • Limited investment • Flexible operations • Optimal solution for ECA • Compliance at all time Fuel switch over (HFO-MGO) + primary engine method Scrubber + primary engine method or SCR Dual fuel machinery (LNG in ECA) • Low capex solution • Higher capex solution Trade-off capex vs. opex • High operating cost in ECA • Low operating cost in ECA • High end solution • Lowest operating cost in ECA Note: ECA=Emission Control Areas WÄRTSILÄ HAS THE MOST...

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TANKER VESSELS Tankers represent 27% of the world merchant fleet larger than 2000 grt and hold a prospect of being 33–36% of the new vessels to be ordered in the future. They carry all types of liquid cargoes in bulk, including crude oil from oil fields to refineries, gasoline from refineries to distribution centres, chemicals and many other liquid products. In most of cases, the voyages are long, fuel consumption is the main focus of the solution that Wärtsilä can propose. The usual machinery solution is simple, reliable, safe and economical with a twostroke engine connected to a single...

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lower minimum running speeds, smokeless operation at all running speeds, and better control of other exhaust emissions. Integrated redundancy in the RT-flex system maintains high reliability of the engines. The excellent regulation of engine operation given by the RT-flex system provides also good manoeuvring capabilities and the lowest possible operating speed, for example, during canal passages and port entrance. RT-flex common-rail technology plays a key role in enabling shipowners to meet the challenges of higher fuel costs. CBM (CONDITION-BASED MAINTENANCE) SERVICE Wärtsilä’s...

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M/S Gudrun Maersk is the frist container ship to use high-efficiency WHR plants.

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CONTAINER VESSELS Container vessels form 13–14% of the world merchant fleet and are the most impressive symbols of the globalisation of the world economy. Most reliable machinery is essential for liner transportation to deliver goods on time. High energy efficiency has the greatest impact on operating costs and is delivered by solutions from Wärtsilä which combine an engine with low fuel consumption, high-efficiency waste heat recovery (WHR) system, and optimum propeller and rudder designs. One of the largest two-stroke engines, the 14RT-flex96C, has been sailing for years with a WHR system...

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BULK CARRIERS Today bulk carriers make up 21% of the world merchant fleet but, in the coming years, this proportion will increase as 43% of the vessels on order are bulk carriers, mainly because of developments in China. Wärtsilä has a range of low-speed engines that successfully suit all types and sizes of bulk carriers from the recently-introduced RT-flex82 engines, down to the new small-bore low-speed engines, the RT-flex35 and RT-flex40 for the lowest engine powers. Simple and reliable operation of Wärtsilä engines is particularly helpful when changing crews. Crew training is also...

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This would be part of an economically attractive, hybrid concept which could be delivered by Wärtsilä to cope with prolonged sailing in ECA, comprising: zz A two-stroke engine for use in the open sea, outside the ECA, on HFO zz Power generation for a contra-rotating thruster (around 30% of shaft power) is generated by the main shaft generator zz In the ECA, dual-fuel generating sets supply the propulsion power required for navigation at reduced speed. zz Complete automation and power management system is delivered and guaranteed by Wärtsilä zz Wärtsilä LNGPac delivers gas fuel to the...

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GENERAL CARGO VESSELS General cargo vessels represent 25–30% of the world merchant fleet but are now often replaced by container vessels in the transport of the goods. The new general cargo vessels ordered are either more specialized, such as heavy-lift vessels, cement carriers, etc., or more multipurpose, such as ice-class vessels for serving Arctic regions. In both cases, Wärtsilä has all the tools necessary to customise the cargo vessels for the specific needs of shipowners and ship operators. The vessels are sometimes characterized by the need for high demand of electric power for port...

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CREDO Type: 19,625 dwt geared general cargo carrier Shipyard: Shanghai Edward Shipbuilding Co Ltd, China (NB H134) Shipowner: Rederi AB Donsötank, Sweden & ESL Shipping Oy, Finland Delivery: 2005 Main engine: 6-cylinder Wärtsilä RT-flex50, output of 9720 kW at 124 rpm Generating sets: Three 4-cylinder Wärtsilä 20, output of 720 kW each at 1000 rpm Propeller: Wärtsilä CPS 145, 5500 mm diameter Control system: Lipstronic decentralized pitch control system Service speed: 15.5 knots 11

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RO-RO VESSELS Ro-Ro vessels are designed to transport wheel-based cargo or cargo loaded on wheel-based equipment. Efficient loading and unloading are characteristic of Ro-Ro vessels and the cargo is usually transferred over large shore ramps. Many Ro-Ro vessels operate on short trades with frequent port calls. Most of them are equipped with thrusters, twin screws and a geared, multiple diesel engine installation giving the necessary flexibility. The essential requirement is that the machinery installation occupies the minimum space, mainly within strict headroom limitations, to maximise...

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