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HAND BEARING COMPASS HPK67 Art.-No. 01 7013 The high-precision reference-measuring instrument for magnetic compass adjustment at aircrafts The HPK67 hand bearing compass is a high-precision measuring instrument for the determination of deflection errors in the magnetic compasses of aircraft*. It is also used to carry out magnetic measurement work, such as checking or determining a compass base for aircraft. The high measurement accuracy of the HPK67 is based on the careful selection and workmanship of all optical and mechanical components. The compass card can be read with very high accuracy thanks to the optical magnification factor of the magnifying prism integrated in the azimuth device. * The deflections are generated by interference fields that originate in the metallic construction of the aircraft and influence the earth’s magnetic field at the compass location. Hand-soldered housing consisting of internal and external bowls manufactured from spun sheet brass parts Cover ring and reinforcing ring made of bronze Base centrepiece (with connecting thread for mounting the compass on the handle or tripod) made of nickel silver High-precision rose magnet system with a directional error of less than 0.5° and a lubber line error of less than 0.3° secured by the elaborate mounting of the individual components Liquid damped rose magnet system mounted on sapphire and centre pin with iridium tip Individual function check and issuing of a test certificate with serial number before delivery. Our magnetic compass test laboratory is certified by the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH). The hand bearing compass, the prism azimuth device and the corresponding handle are delivered in an aluminium storage case with a foam insert for shockproof storage. ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: Storage case compass, azimuth device, hand grip Tripod made of non-magnetisable materials; Art.-No.: 02 7142 Articulated ball head for the adjustment of the horizontal position of the compass on the tripod; Art.-No.: 02 7124 W. Ludolph GmbH & Co. KG Seeborg 5 • 27572 Bremerhaven/Germany • Tel. +49 471 94408-0 • Fax +49 471 45030 • •

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HAND BEARING COMPASS HPK67 Art.-No. 01 7013 TECHNICAL DATA Freedom of roll and pitch Lubber line error Magnetic moment Amount and color of lubber line Compass card graduation Compass card diameter ø27 Anschlussgewinde: Connection thread 3/8" - UNC 16 - 3A Preset inclination at place of operation Color compass bowl Color compass card / graduation black / silver Temperature range, operation Dimensions magnetic compass Connection thread compass/hand grip Dimension storage case Weight compass, azimuth device, hand grip Weight storage case and insert Total weight BeP are ing ilric dhtu irec ntig n...

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