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VON IN VONIN was established in 1969 and is today a major supplier of fishing gear with a wide network of service branches in the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Canada, Denmark and Norway. If you don't find what you are looking for in our aquaculture catalogue please contact us as we constantly update our selection of products and also have a wide selection of suppliers available.

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NET CAGES, ► PLASTIC CAGES, MOORING SYSTEMS JAULAS DE RED, JAULAS PLASTICAS, SISTEMAS DE AMARRE Seines, Bird nets, Bird net support Kastinot, Fuglanet, Fuglanetstativ, Kastenot, Fuglenett, Fuglenettstativ Redes de cerco, Redes de aves, Portas pajareras Sistemas de limpieza de redes, Embarcaciones Net washing systems,    Notavaskarar,    Notvasker, Boats    Batar    Bater Anclas de fondeo, Plato de fondeo Anchors, Mooring plates Akker, Koblingsskivur Anker, Fortoyningsplate Ropes,    Tog,    Tau,    Cuerda, Netting,    Net,    Notlin,    Red, Twine    Tradur    Trad    Hilo Steel wires...

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PELAGIC TRAWL WE MAKE AQUACULTURE MORE PROFITABLE HIGH QUALITY NET CAGES FOR SAFEGUARDING YOUR FISH STOCK IN THE EARLY EIGHTIES, Vónin began to design, develop and manufacture net cages for the aquaculture industry. The experience accumulated for 30 years, has enabled Vónin to supply the fish farmers with certified high quality nets. Net cages from Vónin have been thoroughly tested to withstand harsh weather conditions and strong currents of the North Atlantic. With the increasing demand for quality net cages that can safeguard the fish farmers fish stock. Vónin has developed in connection...

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Vónin Net Cages offers the fish farmer many advantages. Vónin Net Cage outperforms in many aspects a traditional net as it offers. Vónin net cages are made from high quality netting either as double knotted or knotless: Longer lifetime/durability Fish stocks are safer Less maintenance Tested in harsh weather conditions and strong currents High quality materials • Nylon • Polyester • Polyethylene • Dyneema ® Vónin is able to offer different net cage designs. Circular, Pointed and Square These net cages are tailor made to meet the specifications of the individual fish farmer.

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WE MAKE AQUACULTURE MORE PROFITABLE INJECTION MOULDED BRACKETS Designed to withstand the harsh weather and currents of the North Atlantic CAGES are of vital importance to every fish farmer. Every fish farmer needs to be ensured that the cages at his disposal are strong and versatile enough to withstand harsh weather and strong currents. With Vónin plastic cages you are certified that they can withstand the stress fiercely enforced by the Atlantic Ocean. Vónin is known to only supply high quality equipment, that can meet the strictest demands by the aquaculture industry. It is under this...

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PLASTIC CAGES VÓNIN BRACKETS Vónin Brackets are injection molded, which makes them stronger and more flexible than welded brackets. Vónin Brackets are also reliable and require far less maintenance. The brackets have been injection welded with an extra rubbing strake for the repetable action when the working boats come along side the float frames. This is to minimize the wear on supporting construction of the brackets. With Vónin Brackets you will gain many advantages: • High breaking point • Impact resistant • Abrasion resistant • Durable • Flexible

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SEMI PELAGIC TRAWL WE MAKE AQUACULTURE MORE PROFITABLE SAFER MOORING FOR YOUR SALMON WITH OUR RUGGED SOLUTION MOORING SYSTEMS are of outmost significance to the fish farming activities. Without a proper mooring system your valuable fish pens are exposed to the mercy of the vigorous and unpredictable ocean. With its vast experience in the aquaculture industry, Vónin have specialized in supplying high quality mooring systems. All mooring systems are individually worked out and designed according to the exact conditions on the planned site, taking waves and weather conditions into...

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MOORING SYSTEMS VÓNIN CONNECTION PLATES 3 These rugged connection plates offer the fish farmers safer mooring. 8 9 VÓNIN ANCHOR Vónin has developed and designed its own exclusive anchor. The distinctive features of Vónin Anchor, is its strength and durability. The anchor is made of steel and manufactured in two separate pieces. These two pieces are than latched together and top of that they are welded together to increase its vigorousness. BOUYS & FENDERS In all shapes and sizes. Certified chains in different dimensions. Different types and dimensions.

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Plastic cages,    _ ^ ,..g    ,    Plastmerder,    Jaulas plasticas,    ►    1 Mooring systems    j g    Fortojning    Sistemas de amarre SEINES,    KASTINOT,    KASTENOT,    REDES DE CERCO, BIRD NETS,    FUGLANET,    FUGLENETT,    REDES DE AVES,    ►    2 BIRD NET SUPPORT FUGLANETSTATIV    FUGLENETTSTATIV    PORTAS PAJARERAS Sistemas de limpieza de redes, Embarcaciones Net washing systems,    Notavaskarar,    Notvasker, Boats    Batar    Bater Anclas de fondeo, Plato de fondeo Anchors, Mooring plates Akker, Koblingsskivur Anker, Fortoyningsplate Ropes,    Tog,    Tau,    Cuerda, Twine...

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