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MAINTAINING YOUR BOAT The complete guide to preparing, protecting and painting all types of boat.

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MAINTAINING YOUR BOAT How to prepare, protect and paint all types of boat. The purpose of this manual is to help you to select the best way of protecting and embellishing your boat so that nothing is overlooked and no mistakes are made during the various painting steps. coded sections for easy reference. By simply following the suggestions given and using your own experience you will be able to with your own experience. All Veneziani Yachting products have been developed to be applied directly, easily and safely. “Maintaining Your Boat” is published by the Main Technical Department of...

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Veneziani highlights ^^^^^^^^^^M •What paints are used for-What they contain - How they are classified - How they are applied Painting your boat • Surface preparation • Primer application • Filler application • Osmosis prevention • Application procedure • Osmosis treatment • Protecting wood • Antifouling protection of the hull • Special parts •The finish of topside, deckhouse and deck • Flow chart Paint systems • Paint systems • Varnished wood • Special parts

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VENEZIANI HIGHLIGHTS Veneziani, his secret formula of “the plaster for protecting the hulls of ships” . 1890 In Malta, Lord Muskerry admired Lloyd Austriaco’s paints the hull of his yacht “Rita” using Veneziani paint. Others follow: the Archdukes Ludovico Salvatore and Carlo Stefano for their yachts Thomas Lipton for his Shamrocks, and many other yacht owners of the Edwardian age. Gioachino Veneziani is awarded a gold medal at the Vienna Universal Exhibition. Veneziani also wins awards at the Exhibitions of Trieste, Milan and Treviso. 1903 Veneziani founds the first antifouling factory...

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1992 AQUASTOP Centers are created to pr prevent and treat osmosis. 2002 Veneziani improves the spray applic application properties of GEL l GLOSS PRO in order to obtain better levelling and gloss with an outstanding exterior appearance. 2003 with carbon compounds. 2006 fast drying product: EPOMAST RAPIDO RAPIDO. 2008 now available with the new colours Blue Toned and Black together with the already existing Gray. 2011 Veneziani launches the polyacrylic enamel Commander with e tintometric system. 2013 polishing copolymer technology is born born.

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What paints are used for Paint can be defined as a mixture of chemical compounds Painting products are subdivided into varnishes, paints and enamels. Varnish is transparent, mainly consists of binders, solvents and additives, but has no pigment. Paint contains both pigments and extenders. Paints are called enamels when they have particular characteristics such as gloss and resistance to strength to protect the painted surface from external agents over time. Paint is used to protect and decorate. Generally, these two requirements go hand in hand. In fact, painting to protect means the boat...

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Glossary THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL COVERAGE PRACT The coverage indicated in the technica data sheets refers to the technical theoretical coverage of the product. Th theoretical coverage can The be calculated using the following formula: formu DRYING There are two phases during the drying process of a product: stick to the surface. A product is “touch” dry when it can be %SVx10 the recoat times given in the technical data sheets. indicated in the theoretical coverage, s since there is always some loss of material, the amount of loss de depending on the surface’s conditions, applications...

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SPECIFIC WEIGHT This can be defined simply as the weight of one liter of the product and is expressed in g/cm3. Normally, the resins and the and therefore the same weight as water. Pigments, however, are settle on to the bottom of the can, a problem mitigated by using special additives. Hygiene and Safety There are a few basic safety and hygiene rules which shall be complied with whenever you are using paint. Carefully read the instructions printed on the can before starting to paint. Particularly, check the safety label for the precautions which must be taken for each product. If the...

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Labeling The new labels introduced by Veneziani Yachting have been Venez brought up to date in compliance with the EEC regulations and the handling of products and indica indications of dangers, some pictograms, which are useful for the ap application, are shown. brush application roller application airless application application with spatula mixing ratio recoat time theoretical coverage These pictograms are not regulated by the EEC, however, being international standards. recommended percentage of thinner t be used, as well as the to drying and recoat times are shown. Here on the side,...

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PAINTING YOUR BOAT SURFACE PREPARATION When repainting your boat, you should carry out some preliminary steps to clean it and to ensure that any remaining layers of paint are still closely bound to the surface. If the old paint is deteriorating or delaminating, it should be removed completely or it will cost you more wasted time and money at a later date. wash with fresh water, with a high pressure if possible, to thoroughly clean the whole surface; degrease all areas contaminated with oil or grease , using a sponge soaked in DETERSIL, and rinse. Check that the old layer of antifouling is...

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AQUASTRIP - Water based s stripper for antifouling it does not damage gel coats or GRP and ca be handled without harmor risk. Aquastrip requires longer softening time if compared to can solvent based strippers, but is effective on large surfaces such as hulls applying one coat only without any danger for the boat, the Packaging: 0,75/ 5,00 litres DETERSIL - Emulsifying detergent for silicones dete Detersil is an emulsifying detergent for silicones. To obtain maximum adhesion of paint to GRP surfaces without having to sand the silic specialy detergent product must be used. D Detersil has a...

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