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Van Voorden folder losse paginas aangepast stramien - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

an ANDUS group company

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Van Voorden Castings Van Voorden Castings is a modern Dutch foundry specialised in casting complex steel, stainless steel, iron and NiAlBronze products. With more than 100 years of experience, the foundry is capable of casting products up to a weight of 37 tons in a large variety of alloys. As a modern first class Dutch foundry, Van Voorden Castings stands out with an excellent quality in casting complex products in various alloys. We set the standard with regard to the casting materials that exceed in many cases the requirements of our clients and the classification societies. The facilities...

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Shipbuilding The propellers of Van Voorden Castings, of which almost 100,000 have been produced in the last century, are well known in the maritime world for their high efficiency, low noise levels and excellent material quality. Design Van Voorden Castings has one of the most sophisticated propeller design facilities worldwide. To meet today’s performance requirements of propellers we developed, together with MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands), a unique and highly advanced expert system for the design and analysis of ship propellers. This system is used to create new designs based...

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Dredging & mining The Dredging & Mining industry requires high-grade casted products in wear-resistant alloys. Van Voorden Castings manufactures a large variety of high-alloyed castings like pump casings, double walled pipelines, impellers and other high wear resistant parts. Production of high-grade castings The whole production line of Van Voorden Castings is under strict supervision of our quality department. The high-grade casted products can be delivered according to all accepted qualification bureaus like Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas and Germanischer Lloyds. Van Voorden Castings manufactures...

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Van Voorden Castings Engineering Services • Development of enhanced alloys In our laboratory, metallurgy experts are working specifically on matching product application with alloy properties. We work together with our clients to create the products in any alloy that has the required characteristics. • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) To design the optimum propulsion system, it is necessary to know the flow around the ship. We are able to simulate these flows in-house using specialised CFD software. This provides essential information for the design of high performance propellers. • Finite Element...

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Services & Maintenance Gouda Vuurvast Belgium Armada Janse Gouda Refractories Gouda Vuurvast Services Armada Mobility Nedstaal Special Steel Gouda Feuerfest Deutschland Armada Rail Lengkeek Staalbouw HSM Steel Structures RijnDijk Construction Part of a greater whole Van Voorden Castings is part of Andus Group. The subsidiaries of Andus Group have one aim: Serving the industry. And they have one characteristic in common: to be the best within their own specialisation. On specific projects, group companies work together, combining their experience and resources. Andus Group is a company (1,100 employees...

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