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Corporate brochure Van Voorden Maritime - 5 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Van Voorden Maritime has been active in the maritime world since 1912. The company designs and manufactures ship propellers, thruster propellors, propellor blades and nozzles for the maritime market. Advanced design systems and robotized production processes are the base of high-grade products. Van Voorden propellers are known for their high efficiency, low noise levels and excellent material quality. Van Voorden is also specialised in repair, maintenance and adjusting of fixed propellers and propeller blades for CPP installations. It is one of the largest propeller repair companies in the world,...

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Return The Van Voorden Superior® Nozzle is characterised by its slender, cambered profile that makes no concessions to the system diameter (outside diameter nozzle). Extensive tank-testing at the MARIN institute of different profiles showed that a more slender profile with more curvature clearly improved the performance of the nozzle. Furthermore, calculations also showed that a larger discharge diameter would also improve efficiency. The nozzle derives its high efficiency from an improved version of the existing nozzle, a circular wing around the propeller. The section profile of this wing generates...

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Fishery Propeller Repair and Maintenance Fuel is an important cost issue for the fishing industry. The price of fuel is very high and because of the fast development of the world economy, this will not decrease in the near future. Van Voorden is constantly developing its design for fishery to increase efficiency and decrease cost. Should unexpected damage occur to your propeller, you can call on our repair workshops all over the world. This will keep you up to speed and an optimum efficiency will be the result. Because we know everything there is to know about propulsion and propellers we can...

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Part of a greater whole Van Voorden Maritime is part of Andus Group. The subsidiaries of Andus Group have one goal: Serving the industry. And they have one characteristic in common: to be the best within their own specialisation. With specific projects, sister companies support one another so that each other’s know-how and abilities can be taken advantage of. The Andus Group is a concern (1,000 employees and an annual turnover of over EUR 200 million) which can realise any industrial construction project in any segment what so ever. The ambition is clear: the Andus companies are at the disposal...

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