Rudders, steering gear and propulsion optimizers - 16 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts


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Our competence, your comfort: the best solution

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Smart Oceangoing solutions The oceans are a harsh and unfor­ giving environment, and there is no substitute for installing the best equipment onboard your vessels. Our rudders and steering gear will ensure vessels stay on course and are able to smoothly manoeuvre in busy sea lanes and harbours. With decades of experience under our belt, Van der Velden Barkemeyer has long been the first port of call for oceangoing fleet owners who recognise quality and reliability. An investment in our highly sophisti­ cated equipment is certain to pay off as we never make compromises. Everything we manufacture...

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The industry original high lift BARKE® rudder There is only one true BARKE® rudder and that is made by Van der Velden. Custom designed to your specifications, our BARKE® rudder ensures you the ultimate in manoeuvring and course­keeping. Its highly sophisticated flap design also provides maximum operational comfort. The BARKE® rudder is the solution if you are looking to invest in today and tomorrow. The progressively operating flap linkage system is contained in a fully enclosed, grease­lubricated BARKE® housing. This results in minimum wear on the linkage components and eliminates the risk of...

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Proven technology: the high lift TIMON flap rudder This renowned rudder has built up a global reputation for its excellent manoeuvring and course­keeping performance. Proven Van der Velden technology and a slim profile are combined with an open flap linkage mechanism to great effect. The TIMON flap rudder is a superior product for those who wish to go further than a conventional (full spade or non­flap) rudder. With the BARKE® slide­bar system and high lift performance, your satisfaction is assured. Other features Easy to maintain Sea­resistant and self lubricating bearings No cavitation erosion...

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TIMON Flap Rudder TIMON flap rudder

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Finest fishtail: the Van der Velden® MASTER rudder Characterised by its fishtail shaped trailing edge, the Van der Velden® MASTER rudder offers very good manoeuvring performance and smooth course keeping. Manoeuvrability is made even more efficient by the remarkable use of the propeller slipstream. The Van der Velden® MASTER rudder also offers a long life­span and low maintenance. The absence of moving parts makes it a great option for vessels operating in shallow waters, while the combination of a 70º rudder angle with upper and lower endplates allows for a high lift. This design can be optimised...

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For the long haul: the Van der Velden® ATLANTIC rudder The Van der Velden® ATLANTIC rudder is a no­nonsense, ultrareliable conven­ tional rudder that will ensure you superb course­keeping on long ocean crossings. Its proven hydrodynamic profile can be adapted to suit specific vessel require­ ments, such as when noise levels need reducing or cavitation decreased. The absence of moving parts significantly increases the rudder’s life­span and the Van der Velden® ATLANTIC rudder is also known for its low drag and low vibration. Set course and sail… Other features Robust and simple design Less prone...

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Van der Velden ART TM Asymmetric Rudder Technology Van der Velden ART™ is especially suit­ able for vessels with a velocity above 24 knots and can be applied to all the Van der Velden rudders. Due to the rotation of the slipstream, conventional rudders constantly operate in an apparent angle of attack. In addition to increasing drag, this also results in cavitation on the rudder blade. Our Asymmetric Rudder Technology (ART™) has been especially developed to improve propeller flow. A special layout modifies the profile above and below the centreline of the propeller in such a way that the effects...

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Asymmetric Rudder Technology (ART™) Van der Velden ARTTM Rudder

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Van der Velden COMMANDER™ steering gear Available in ram­type and rotary vane versions, Van der Velden COMMANDERTM steering gear systems are the product of advanced engineering at its best. Robust, compact and exceptionally reliable, they have been designed to keep heat and noise to a minimum. Constant Power: Van der Velden COMMANDER™ Rotary Vane steering gear Van der Velden COMMANDER™ Rotary Vane steering gear A key benefit of rotary vane steering gear is that the rudder angles of up to 2 x 65° give greater flexibility when choosing the design and type of your rudders. Enhanced manoeuvrability...

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Tailor-made: The Energy Saving Package Van der Velden® Marine Systems has founded a partnership with Mecklen­ burger Metallguss GmbH, expert in de­ signing and manufacturing propellers. Combining decades of knowledge has resulted in the development of a highly effective and efficient propulsion pack­ age: the Energy Saving Package. CAD impression Energy Saving Package The Energy Saving Package is a tailor­made propulsion solution that is engineered to the specific needs of the ship’s operational profile. The propeller rudder arrangement is optimised for criteria such as fuel efficiency, effective...

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About Van der Velden® Marine Systems Van der Velden Marine Systems, headquartered in Holland and with offices around the world, was established in 1962.This fast growing group of companies now operates in three main areas: Oceangoing, Inland Waterways and Yachting vessels. From practical applications to advanced research & development, synergies between the business units add value across the company. Recognised as being state of the art, our manoeuvring systems are designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest possible standards. We meet all class society requirements and offer tailor­made...

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Complete Van der Velden steering and rudder system

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Van der Velden is a registered trademark. © Van der Velden® Marine Systems Contact one of our ofces: Van der Velden Global Sales B.V. Krimpen aan de Lek (Rotterdam region) The Netherlands Main Global Sales Ofce (A. van der Velden B.V.) T: +31(0)180 51 15 77 F: +31(0)180 51 15 78 Glinde (Hamburg region) Germany Global Sales Ofce Germany (Van der Velden Barkemeyer GmbH) T: +49(0)40 711 80 20 F: +49(0)40 711 00 86 Galatzi Romania Global Sales Ofce Romania (Van der Velden ROM S.R.L.) T: +40(0)747 021 266 F: +40(0)236 323 266 E:

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