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Lots of ideas for customising your Valiant !

Seat with locker S-6

Dim.(cm): L: 52 x w: 125x h: 86

M mm

Leaning Post S-7D

Dim.(cm): L: 54xw: 108xh: 105


Colours 0##

Leaning Post S-6D

Dim.(cm): L: 90 x w: 53x h: 100

Backrest PT-7D with folding seats

(two persons)

Dim. (cm): L: 104 xw: 42 xh: 104 I Dim.(cm): L:42xw: 104xh: 105

Backrest PT-6D without seat

(two persons)

Backrest PT-7M with folding seat

(one person)

Dim.(cm): L: 44x w: 54x h: 100

Double modular seat

Dim.(cm): L: 115 xw: 32xh: 110

Single modular seat

Dim.(cm): L: 59 x w: 32x h : 81

Northstar 657 combined



Vessel View

(for Verado® engine only)


stainless steel

ski mast

Folding navigation frame S-4 with

navigation lights

Folding navigation frame S-5/6/7

with navigation lights



+ platform

+ diving ladder

Dive bottle rack (4,6,8,10)

Valiant RIB boats
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    DR 490 & 450 & 400 Main characteristics CE Category C C Length overall 4,90 m 4,50 m 4,00...
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    Dynamic Tender (300-270-240) Dynamic Open (380-340-300) DYNAMIC Tender Main characteristics CE Category Length overall Beam overall Max....
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    Accessories Jockey console S-3 with steering wheel (single) Dim.(cm): L: 106xw: 39xh: 55 Colours OOt Double Jockey console S-5 with steering...
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    Aluminium hatch (different dimensions) ABS hatch (different dimensions) WÊÊ Electric windlass with anchor (on 750 Cruiser only) Retractable...
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    Comfort and safety on board your ValiantConsult your agent to ensure that these accessories are compatible with your boatBow side lockers for V620 orV750...
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    Minimumengine(HP)Max. weight engine(kg)Total weight (excl. engiFuene)l ta(kgnk)capacity (L)Pageof catalogueMax. engine(HP)Max. capacityweight (kg)Max....
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    CentreconsolCeneStre-3consolCeneStre-4consolCeneStre-5consolCeneStre-6consolCeneStre-6 CconomsolCenforeStret-7consolCenePtreT-5consolCenePtreT-6consolJocePkeyT-7consolDoeSubl-3e...
  12. P. 32 Remember - Life vests float. You don't. Always use your engine's safety stop lanyard. © 200S Brunswick Marine in EMEA....
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