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Ullman Brochure

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finnish border guard swedish coast guard australian federal police maritime service guardia civil qatar armed forces tac tical response group canadian coast guard south african police south african sea recue royal dutch sea rescue u.s. naval special warfare command national air and nav y service of panama german federal coast guard royal oman police dutch police singapore naval diving unit italian coast guard hong kong police force icel andic coast guard more references on back cover

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in 1982 Johan Ullman M.D. served as the list Surface Attack Flotilla doctor on board the Swedish destroyer HMS Halland. Examining sailors that had served for 9 months on board the flotilla's Motor-Torpedo boats, he found that more than 80% had back problems. He thought that this was not good - nor very fair. Dr. Ullman started his scientific research at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital, department for Occupational Orthopaedics in Gothenburg, internationally recognised for research in back trauma and injuries. He developed measuring methods and techniques, pioneering the field of...

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– TH E SP A C I OUS SEA T – Ullman Compact Seat gives full impact protection while allowing the maximum free space in the cockpit. The Compact Seat features shorter saddle sides and a lower backrest. With the handle on top, the Compact is very slender and takes up no more space than the person seated. The seat is designed to fit in limited spaces and on boats where broad aisles and deck space is crucial. It is the lightest professional suspension seat on the market. The Compact is in service with many agencies world-wide - even on air droppable boats. Compact FEATURES »» Full XLT Suspension...

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- premium comfort Biscaya features » Full XLT Suspension » 150 mm Vertical Travel » Non-corrosive materials » High Backrest » Core lateral support » Two Grab Handles » Full length cushioning » Soft seat front edge Materials Stainless steel SS-EN 1.4462, AL-5083, Composite, neoprene Ullman Biscaya Seat is the no. 1 Suspension Seat in the world - the original Ullman seat. It has a high backrest and long saddle sides supporting the thighs in varied sitting positions. The Biscaya is developed for active use in the very worst of conditions. It offers the safest postures and a suspension...

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BOL S T ER & BUCK E T SE AT S The Ullman bolster seats allow the operator to stand fully supported and protected from impacts and interact with the seat. The bolster seats also allow the operator to sit back in a reclined position, while still maintaining the S-shape of the spine. To secure optimal protection in all positions, the Ullman bolster seats optimizes the different body postures for handling both static and dynamic loads. 12 The bucket seat is a suspension seat inspired by power boats and F1 racing. Ullman bucket seats gives full support and protection for crew on board high speed...

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- fully optimized - Echelon Sportback features » Full 200mm 3D-Suspension » Optimised dimensions for easier integration in craft » Very light weight » Non-corrosive materials » Low Backrest for increased visibility, » Flat or Jockey Style front » Optional grab handles, armrests and footres The Echelon Sportback provides the advantages of a full bolster seat with minimal space requirements. With uncompromized protective capacity and increased comfort, the Echelon gives the operator full support in all key interface areas, In this Sportback version, the backrest is lower to allow full...

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Atlantic features » Twin UD530 Adjustable Damper (6-level) » Full ALM Spring Unit » Non-corrosive materials » 200mm Vertical Travel » Full carbon fibre back » High backrest » Lumbar support » Torso Lateral support » Thigh Lateral support Weight    43.5kg/95 lbs Adjustable Materials Stainless steel SS-EN 1.4462, AL-5083, Carbon Fibre, Premium leather HD U pholstery Allow your body to work at its full potential at all times, in all positions. In the Atlantic Seat, you can stand fully supported and shock-protected in a straddle position and interact with the seat. It also lets you sit back in...

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- extreme performance - - endurance & protection - Daytona features » Anatomic seat and backrest » Full lateral support » Ultra light weight (22kg) » Twin UD430 Adjustable » DLM 3D Spring Unit » 150 mm Vertical Travel » Strategic Carbon Fibre Unibody Daytona was developed for the most advanced Special Forces high speed craft in the world. After extensive testing in extreme sea states, it became the new standard. The anatomic shape and upholstery, the ultra light carbon fibre unibody and the lateral suspension makes it ideal for the most demanding missions. Daytona seat gives full support...

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Atlantic Fold Up features » Twin UD530 Adjustable (6-level) » Full ALM Spring Unit » 200mm Vertical Travel » Full carbon fibre back » Lumbar support » Torso Lateral support » Thigh Lateral support » Fold-up seat pan » Flat front Based on the proven Atlantic seat, the fold-up version allows the front half of the seat pan to shift upwards and thus becomes a lumbar support. Developed together with the Colombian Navy and Coast Guard, this Atlantic seat can be transformed into a standing bolster, allowing ample space for leaning or standing clear in front of the seat. Folded down, the...

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