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The man behind the world's best boat seats stopped by a living legend. This is however what happened at the RIBEX boat show today. The Swedish medical doctor and inventor heard me speaking Nor- Frode Pedersen <> Hello, my name is Johan Ullman and I have got something I'd like to show you. I start realising what this is all man behind the Ullman Seats. - Have you heard about them? - Yes, aren't they supposed to be the best seats in the world? Carl Magnus runs the business and Johan sits in the back seat when one of the world's most famous boat seat inventors goes onboard. This is what "The Ullman seats" look like.

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It is 22 years since he came up with the idea of what today is considered some of the best boat seats in the world. We are not talking soft leather upholstered armchairs, but suspension seats that make the reflexes of the human body follow in the movements of the boat, instead of struggling to fight them. "The Ullman seats" are world famous, among professional boats operators. In the RIB world having Ullman Seats onboard is highly prestigious. We were instantly invited out in the 3-meter high waves, today raiding the waters around the English Channel. premium priced seats, smiling from ear to...

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