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UK Catalog CASES - 24 Pages

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UK Catalog CASES
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Catalog excerpts


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GET TO KNOW US Uncompromising Performance Since 1971 At UK we understand hitting the road hard for work and play. We need our gear to be as tireless as we are. This led us to be a pioneer in the development of highly rugged plastic resin cases when aluminum cases were the standard. Our cases were a high quality, low cost environmental solution in an industry where non-waterproof, corroding, easily dented cases were the only choice. There was no case that could withstand the abuse that goes handin-hand with adventure and hard work. So we made one. Over the past 40 years we have evolved from the...

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unique advantages When it comes to designing and constructing cases, UK goes above and beyond all others to ensure the most superior protection possible. AIRTIGHT SEAL Unlike our competitors who use breathable vents that allow the continuous exchange of corrosive gasses, our seals prevent the harmful exchange of gasses until the lid is opened. What does this mean to you? That gasses (humidity, carbon monoxide, chemical agents, etc...) can not enter your case! Our cases are tested to IP67 requirements (Submersible for 30 min in 3 ft / 1 m of water). NARROW VALANCES One way we really go above and...

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Absolute Customization UK’s custom OEM case solutions are designed, engineered and manufactured to meet your exact specifications to protect your OEM equipment in the most challenging environments. CUSTOM COLOR CUSTOM RESINS Special resins are available for flame retardant, anti-static or EMI/RF shielding needs. Please contact our Case Sales Division for more details and order minimums. Our hard protective boxes are tough yet lightweight because we construct them using high-impact, field-repairable ABS resin. ABS better resists becoming brittle in cold weather and is less susceptible to warpage.

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cases priv te labeling a Align your company with UK’s world-renowned reputation of excellence by taking advantage of our private labeling program. We can easily deliver your company logo on the outside of any of our products using our in-house pad printing and custom design molding. Custom labels are also available. Please contact our Sales Division for more information. + 49 (0) 2191 890 254 0 info@uwkinetics.eu instrument panel frames The UltraCase, UltraBox and Dry Box can be configured for use with custom instrument panels. UltraCase and Dry Box are offered with a watertight accessory panel...

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ultrabox With seven sizes to chose from, custom options, and rugged construction, the UltraBox is expertly designed to keep small electronic equipment, optics and personal possessions safe. PRESSURE EQUALIZER Our proprietary pressure relief valve is essential after external pressure changes. Our unique design equalizes internal pressure only after the latch is opened, preventing entry of moisture or corrosive gasses during transit. ATTACHMENT POINTS    BUILT IN PANEL The UltraBox is equipped with a IVIOUNT FRAIVIE molded in strap attachment point    Each UltraBox comes standard with for use when...

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ultrabox SHOCK ABSORBING LINER Our unique rubber liners are ribbed to provide several times more shock protection than simple flat liners. This prevents damage to fragile items no matter what the box endures. If needed, the liners can be removed without compromising the watertight seal. SOLID & TRANSPARENT LIDS Most sizes are available with your choice of a solid lid or a transparent lid. Choose the transparent lid for quick identification of the contents and the solid lid for protection against light or prying eyes. LID POUCH We offer a removable mesh lid-pouch that easily attaches to any UltraBox...

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ultrabox part # 08101 206/Empty/Yellow 08104 206/Empty/Black 08151 206/Tinted Clear View/Empty/Yellow 08154 206/Tinted Clear View/Empty/Black 08161 206/Tinted Clear View/Lid Pouch/Padded Liner/Yellow 08164 206/Tinted Clear View/Lid Pouch/Padded Liner/Black 08201 406/Empty/Yellow 08211 406/Padded Liner/Yellow 08254 406/Tinted Clear View/Empty/Black 08261 406/Tinted Clear View/Lid Pouch/Padded Liner/Yellow 08264 406/Tinted Clear View/Lid Pouch/Padded Liner/Black 08354 08361 08364 207/Tinted Clear View/Empty/Black 207/Tinted Clear View/Lid Pouch/Padded Liner/Yellow 207/Tinted Clear View/Lid Pouch/Padded...

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Our injection molded Dry Box cases are made from engineering grade high-impact ABS resin and fit with a watertight, dustproof o-ring seal making them extremely tough and resistant to scratches, dents and corrosion. HOLLOW SILICONE O-RINGS The main o-ring which makes UK cases water tight is actually made from hollow silicone rubber tubing which is chemically resistant and retains it’s shape with age. Other case manufacturers often use foam neoprene o-rings which lose their shape and effectiveness over time. HAND STRAP Dry Boxes come standard with a nylon hand strap for comfortable carrying and...

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JUST THE RIGHT SIZE Our Dry Boxes offer the same affordable protection as the UltraCase. When an all environment container is required but and UltraCase is too large for the job, Dry Boxes are the solution OPTIONAL CONFIGURA TIONS EMPTY / WITH FOAM SIZES 309 Internal: 21,6 x 15,2 x 7,6 cm External: 22,9 x 20,1 x 8,9 cm Lid: 1,8 cm Base: 5,8 cm Weight: 0,64 kg 409 Internal: 21,6 x 15,2 x 9,4 cm External: 23,9 x 18,3 x 10,2 cm Lid: 1,8 cm Base: 7,6 cm Weight: 0,64 kg 609 Internal: 21,6 x 15,2 x 14,5 cm External: 23,9 x 18,3 x 15,7 cm Lid: 1,8 cm Base: 12,7 cm Weight: 0,77 kg

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Applications are endless for our most versatile member of the UK case family. The briefcase style design of the UltraCase series makes it suitable carrying just about anything while the ABS construction ensures the contents are absolutely secure. LATCH    Our soft grip handles offer extreme    The UltraCase    is easily lockable by Our proprietary pressure equalization    comfort when carrying a fully packed    securing a pad    lock through any of system equalizes internal pressure    UltraCase.    the 2 locking    points conveniently only when latch is opened.    placed near the front latches.

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