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Industrial Catalog 2017 - 32 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

underw ter kinetics a Uncompromising Performance Since 1971 Since we launched our first product in 1971, UK has been a family-owned and operated business manufacturing in San Diego County. While our technology and product line has grown tremendously, we still maintain the overarching goal of creating the most high quality gear available in the industrial market. Our products are built to endure challenges and work perfectly every time. Other companies have outsourced or entirely moved their operations overseas, but we are committed to our promise of making our products in the U.S.A. It’s been...

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Smaller Lights Are Easier On You Look around in the market of hand held flashlights and you'll notice that UK lights are consistently smaller across the board. We are proud of this fact because it allows us to give our customers high performance lights in a shape that puts less weight and stress on your body. And let's face it...the less fatigued you are, the more you can concentrate on your physically demanding job and avoid accidents. Rest assured that our engineers are designing with this in mind...not a millimeter inside the case goes to waste. uk design themes Rigorously Waterproof UK started...

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herculite ® Lights Our Herculite® series lights are all environment work lights. They are chemical resistant against a number of common industrial compounds. Herculite line of lights are also electrically nonconductive, unlike metal work lights.

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The first release in our Chemical Resistant, Herculite Series, this powerful and compact light puts out an impressive 180 lumens for 8 hrs. and is designed to resist corrosion from many common chemicals. specifica tions Polypropylene, nylon, polycarbonate, copper alloys, stainless steel Zone 2 II 3G ec ic IIB T4 II 3D ic IIIB T132°C Red eLed 160 x 40,6 x 35,6 mm 158,76 g Color Lamp Typ Size Weight part # UK4AA eLED Herculite 514611F - UK4AA eLED Herculite, Tail Switch, Batteries included • chemical resistant: Proprietary blend of component materials provides enhanced chemical resistance to many...

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The chemically resistent Vizion Z3! The second release in our Chemical Resistant Herculite Series, this versatile headlamp has 3 power levels, an adjustable beam angle and is designed to resistent corrosion form many common chemicals. Removable Lamp Module (for use as a work light) Batteries Materials Color Lamp Typ Size Weight 3 x Alcaline AAA/ LR03/Micro Polypropylene, nylon, polycarbonate, copper alloys, stainless steel red eLed 76 x 38 x 45 mm 110 g • chemical resistant: Proprietary blend of component materials provides enhanced chemical resistance to many common industrial compounds: acetone,...

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hands-free lighting Your job is faster and more efficient when you are able to use both hands. Holding a flashlight when attempting an important task is just not an option. The engineers at Underwater Kinetics understand the challenging and diverse jobs of our customers and their need for hands-free solutions. We've designed a versatile array of flashlight clips for helmets and hardhats of every type. Our aim is to illuminate your task while leaving your hands free to get the job done.

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lights The Latest In Lighting Technology These rugged flashlights match powerful performance with sleek design. When you want latest and greatest in LED technology, look no further than the CPO series. MOUNTS TO HELMETS Pair the 3AA & 4AA CPO lights with any UK helmet clip for hands-free lighting. COLD WEATHER PERFORMANCE Unique TRS technology allows these lights to run even at -20°F (-30°C). The internal metal heat tube uses excess heat from the LED to warm the batteries thus making them more efficient.

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hands-free lighting specifica tions Batteries Materials Certifications Color Lamp Typ Size Weight 4AA Alkaline PC/ABS Zone 1 II 2G Ex eb ib IIC T4 Gb II 2D Ex ib IIIC T98°C Db graphite eLED 157 x 40 x 35 mm 159 g • Proprietary Compound Path Optics (CPO) permits high efficiency and compact size • Thermal Recovery System (TRS) recycles heat from the LED to warm batteries for improved performance in low temperatures • Push-button switch switches light between ON/OFF with continuous or momentary action • LED will not break when dropped and its life expectancy is well over 50.000 hours • Waterproof...

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4AA zoom Versatility Firefighters and industrial workers all over the world trust UK’s 4AA Zoom lights to get the job done. The possibility to zoom from a wide to an intense spot beam and a constant beam brightness over 80% of the battery life are features on which professionals rely. PROJECTION OPTICS Projection Optics let you zoom with a twist of the bezel from a wide beam to an intense spot. ANSI / NEMA FL-1 PERFORMANCE TESTING We believe that it is important to give our customers an accurate depiction of the performance of our lights. For that reason we test all of our lights to the standard...

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hands-free lighting eled zoom specifica tions 4AA Alkaline PC/ABS Zone 1 II 2G Ex eb ib IIC T4 Gb II 2D Ex ib IIIC T98°C Db safety yellow eLED 170 x 40 x 35 mm 175 g Batteries Materials Certifications Color Lamp Typ Size Weight fea tures • Projection Optics let you zoom with a twist of the bezel from a wide beam to an intense spot • Single high-intensity 2-watt LED lasts for thousands of hours and will not break when dropped. • Mounts on all work helmets with accessory mounting clips • Unique eLED circuitry maintains constant brighness for 80% of alkaline battery life • Rubber sheath molded over...

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4AAxenon Balances Economy & Performance If budget is your main concern, look no further than the 4AA Xenon. This classic worklight has been a favorite in the industrial, fire and utility markets thanks to its robust design and affordable price tag. XENON TECHNOLOGY What is the benefit of using a Xenon flashlight? COLOR! Unlike the cool colored light emitted by LEDs, Xenon bulbs produce a warmer light which can be helpful when you need to distinguish between colors. This makes all the difference when you absolutely CAN NOT cut the wrong wire!

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