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Catalogue excerpts

UNDERWATER KINETICS The most innovative, reliable products for each and every dive. Our lights have brilliantly illuminated underwater expeditions in every corner of the planet for nearly four decades. Divers trust UK as the gold standard in performance, reliability, and durability. UK products are investments in adventure that will last for decades. Get the most out of your underwater exploration…dive with UK.

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TO TAKE ALONG A DIVE LIGHT 1 Diving is a visual sport, if you can’t see it, you can’t talk about it 2 Add color to those green, blue and greyish photos 3 See what is hiding under the overhang or tucked in a crevasse 4 Even on a hot tropical day, it can get very dark as you go deep 5 In the cold northern and southern waters it is almost impossible to see the marine life without a light 6 Be safe! Dive with UK and read gauges, keep track of the dive and signal for others 7 Be creative! Artificial lighting will make or break any underwater photo or video. Don’t settle for second best! 8 Night diving...

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CHOOSING THE RIGHT LIGHT Aqualite S and Aqualite Pro C4 eLED (L2) C8 eLED (L2) SL3 eLED (L2) SL4 eLED SL4 Xenon Mini Q40 eLED Mini Q40 Xenon PRIMARY LIGHT For more information visit: www.underwaterkinetics.com/market/dive

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Battery Description:    Rechargeable Lithium Ion (2600 mAh) Light Output:    Aqualite S90°/ 500 lm (2 h); 200 lm (5.3 h), 80 lm (9 h)

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Hands-Free Diving Aqualite-S is UK’s latest hands-free rechargeable Lithium-Ion dive light. With three power settings & interchangeable lamp heads, you can always choose the perfect type of light for your dive. For Roaming The Reef: Aqualite-S (20°): Narrow and bright beam, perfect for use as a primary dive light day or night. Includes Hand Mount & 20º Narrow Beam Lamp Head. 20º For Photo/Video: Aqualite-S (90°): Wide uniform coverage, perfect for use with fish eye type cameras like GoPro. Includes 3 Photo Mounts & 90º Wide Beam Lamp Head. Aqualite-S 20° Pictured with Hand Mount FL 1 STANDARD 90º...

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Dimensions (L W): Weight: Battery Description: Light Output: Depth Rating: 15 cm x 3,5 cm 152 g Rechargeable Lithium Ion (3400 mAh) Aqualite Pro 100°/ 1200 lm (1.1 h); 680 lm (2.2 h), 500 lm (3.3 h), 300 lm (12 h) Aqualite Pro 20°/ 750 lm (1.6 h); 430 lm (3.3 h), 380 lm (5.7 h), 160 lm (12 h) 150 m

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Wide Angle Photo / Video Aqualite-Pro is our brightest rechargeable Lithium-Ion video light with 4 power settings and SOS. For professional lighting take several! For Photo/Video: Aqualite Pro (100°): Wide uniform coverage, perfect for use with fish eye type cameras like GoPro. Includes 3 Photo Mounts & 100° Wide Beam Lamp Head. Aqualite Pro 100° Pictured with Universal Camera Tray & Flex Grip (Duo Lighting Kit) Ball Arm Adapter Integrates with ball joint style photo arms Swivel Mount For use with UKPro Flex Grip & GoPro® style mounts Fixed Mount For use with UKPro Flex Grip & GoPro® style mounts For...

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AQUALITE PHOTO SYSTEMS We’ve created a modular system that allows divers to mix and match Aqualite parts to create the perfect lightweight photo system. Flex Grip Universal Camera Tray Add any Aqualite to the Flex Grip Video Arm for a quick, grab & go video solution. The Flex Grip is compact, light weight and moves an almost every direction. Attach the Universal Camera Tray to your Flex Grip & take your system to the next level. • Collapses for easy travel • Fits any Aqualite • Ideal for use with GoPro • Can be used with many types of point and shoot cameras (including GoPro) • Lightweight • Rugged...

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The Professional Solution Harness the power of 2 Aqualites with the Duo Lighting Kit. Achieve professional quality lighting by using the top light as a key light and the bottom as a fill light. INCLUDES: • 2 Aqualite Pro 100° Lights • Flex Grip • Universal Camera Tray Disassembles For Easy Travel GOPRO® is a registered trademark of Woodman Labs, Inc. in the United States and other countrie

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AQUALITE DIVE POLE KITS UP YOUR GOPRO® GAME Neutral buoyancy camera pole designed specifically for divers. The pole can be fit with 1, 2, or 4 lights for the optimal customizable underwater lighting rig. GoPro® camera not included in delivery. GOPRO® is a registered trademarks of Woodman Labs, Inc. in the United States and other countries

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Neutral Buoyancy Foam Keeps pole lightweight and easy to hold Aqualite Dive Pole Kit - 1 Holds one light and one GoPro® camera PART # Works With Any Aqualite* Perfect for use with Aqualite Pro or Aqualite S. 512447 - AQUALITE DIVE POLE KIT 1 *Aqualites sold separately GoPro* Compatible Use any GoPro® camera Aqualite Dive Pole Kit - 2 Holds 2 lights and one GoPro® camera PART # 512448 - AQUALITE DIVE POLE KIT 2 Light Weight Carbon Fiber Pole Extends to 105 cm / Collapses to 35 cm Aqualite Dive Pole Kit - 4 Holds 4 lights and one GoPro® camera PART # 512449 - AQUALITE DIVE POLE KIT 4

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A perfect fit for your Point-Of-View (POV) camera

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Bring exciting color to your underwater photos and videos with the POV Black Pak lighting system. WHAT'S INSIDE: Flex Grip Connecting the dots between the Aqualite and your POV camera, the Flex Grip is an easy, one handed video arm that moves every way you want it. Wide range of motion Twist knobs lock arm in position Mounts to AquaLite with 1/4-20 screws    m POV camera attachment    M point at base Integrated lanyard Collapses for easy storage • POV40 HardCase • Lid Pouch For Accessories • Custom Foam Inserts Fit Your POV Camera • Neoprene Shoulder Strap • Pressure Equalizing Latches • Silicone...

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C4 eLED (L2) - Alkaline Dimensions (L W H): Weight: Battery Description: Burn Time: Light Output: Depth Rating: C4 eLED (L2) - Rechargeable Battery Dimensions (L W H): Weight: Battery Description: Burn Time: Light Output: Depth Rating: 17,27 x 14,22 x 8,13 cm 803 g NiMH Akku 1.25 - 4 hrs 1000 High (1,25 hrs) / 450 Low (4 hrs) 150 m

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Optimal Beam Ratio BRIGHTER & BETTER The C4 eLED L2 is a versatile & durable primary dive light offering a powerful, penetrating beam in a lightweight, compact package. Boasting a huge increase in beam output from the L1 model, the L2 runs on 4 C cell alkaline batteries, or can produce 1000 lumens (900 of those are in the center beam) with the airline-safe, long-life, rechargeable battery pack! UK’s patented optics system puts 89% of the total lumens into the center beam, delivering outstanding seeing distance with minimal glare. Other lights only put 40% of the total lumens into the beam. New...

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