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Catalog excerpts

Your mainsail is the most tireless worker of your boat’s sail inventory. Whether in calm winds or reefed down in 35 knots … club or grand prix racing - the mainsail needs to go the distance. Adjustability is key; the sail needs to be made full for light and flat for heavy air and once trimmed, that shape needs to stay put until the sail trimmer makes a change. Racing mainsails should also be as light as possible. Lighter weight decreases heeling and pitching moments and lets the sail take shape in drifting conditions. To meet these demands, UK Sailmakers has developed various constructions and to best suit your needs and wallet.

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R&D UK Sailmakers as a group invest considerable resources to an ongoing research and development programme, refining design and construction techniques to make sure our products are state-of-the-art. This investment has seen the group deliver two new products, Uni Titanium and X-Drive. The most serious racers will migrate towards our Titanium or Uni-Titanium® continuous yarn membrane sails. Other racers may opt for our new X-Drive or Tape-Drive® sail that can win races, season after season. Construction options such as Powerhead and Square Top mainsails or Fully-Battened mains are also considerations...

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Sail design The designers at UK Sailmakers have access to all top-level design programs and CFD analytical tools to make fast sails for boats ranging from the America‘s Cup to grand prix IRC boats and maxis. We also have the ability to pool our talented designers together when necessary. f sail typ o mparison Co X-DRIVE te sail. d lamina reinforce Loadpath TITANIUM ith ng sail w eight raci M ghtest w TITANIU arns. UNInd up pe- Li dpath y 20 feet a , best sha ut uous loa ame rformance rs makes. con=n ht cross-c Product N ith ighest pe ight-weig ke Extra l and up inforced w K Sailma rip;on H ail...

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X-Drive has evolved from our very successful Tape-Drive construction. Part of our R&D involved developing new machines that allowed the sailmaker to lay up to 11 thin carbon tapes at a time, which are applied to a 3D-shaped laminate skin in a grid from head to clew, head to tack and tack to clew. With so many tapes running across the sail, the sail has incredible strength and stretch resistance. The cost of the sail is also controlled because the sail surface can be made out of an inexpensive, lightweight laminated material, whose only job is to give the sail its airfoil shape. All the sail‘s...

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