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Catalogue excerpts

We produce: Floats Complete products (including steel and decking) All modules have Polystyrene inside + Piers Walkable f. float 285/330 l Walkable f. float 285 l Walkable f. float 330 l Pontoon float 1000 l www.vivamarina.net

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Construction of private swimming dock or a mooring pier for small boats can be done based on our floats. We can supply turnkey swimming docks of different dimensions. Wood only docks Steel+wood decking docks + Modular pontoon 1485 l    Air chambers at bottom, Modular floating docks can be used with wooden decking (this is also connection method) or without (connected by chains). Docks have anti slip decking, each dock is 4.5 m2 and are very easy to wash. + Modular pontoon 1485 l with wood decking

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OUR FLOATS AND PLATFORMS CAN BE USED IN: POLYSTYRENE FILLED FLOATS Type We manufacture custom platforms. Size: from 4 x 2.5 m to 15.9 x 6.5 m Big platforms come as trimaran version

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Steel platforms and accessories production Full cycle rotational molding factory Raw matherial preparation line Mold production department 3 rotational molding machines Welding Painting Facts 200 tonn ready product annualy 100+ employees Daughter companies in Poland, Russia, Belarus Department of floatation products (Viva Marina) Own design department Styrofoam (EPS) filling line Locations of our clients floatation modules UHP * countries marked in color are export areas for UHP References available upon request vivamarina.net

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