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Catalogue excerpts

«Chimbudplastmass» Ltd. Ukrhimplast® In 2005, a group of companies united by a trademark Ukrhimplast®, began production of plastic products by rotational molding technology. Mission: To enable customers to realize their own ideas, getting as soon as the product functionality, ergonomics, and quality. Purpose: To combine the advantages of mass and individual production, show the possibilities of technology and engineering capabilities of the enterprise. Our goal - to provide consumers with quality, reliable, and inexpensive products for various industrial and domestic purposes. We accept orders...

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Less than 100 years have passed since the discovery of the basic principles of industrial processing and manufacturing of plastic. This discovery made almost «world revolution)) in the production of polymers. One of the biggest achievements we can assume that, thanks to its unique properties, different types of polymers have successfully replaced many traditional building materials - metal and concrete, glass and wood. The method of polymer processing, in which we operate -the method of rotational molding. Rotational molding - the technology of production of light and seamless polymer products...

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DESIGN DEPARTMENT Design Department of Ukrhimplast ltd. provides next services: Product development, starting just with Your ideas. Organization of manufacture of the product according to Your drawing. The organization of production of plastic products by the metal or any other model. Design and manufacture of moulds for roto-molding process. Engineers of Design Department in accordance with the customer’s wishes develop drawings and a computer model of the product. After approval from the customer drawings are transferred to our factory mould production workshop. Metal mould is produced , on...

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Rigid connection between barriers. Additional resistance to column rupture.. Application: Fencing for repair highways and organizing sports events. to use universal barrier. It can be used separately or in the column. Application: Fencing during repairing works of communications in the towns. Fit into each other, easy to store and transport. Possible to create closed circuit with the connecting beams. Application: Fencing during repairing works of communications in the towns DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED ACCORDING TO UKRAINE ROAD SERVICE RECOMMENDATIONS

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CONSTRUCTION RUBBLE DISCHARGER CHUTES ACCEPTING CHUTE ACCEPTING FLOOR CHUTE STRAIGHT CHUTE Construction Rubble Discharger Chutes applied with great success on the construction in Europe and Ukraine. Construction Rubble Discharger Chutes designed to remove rubble from the floors being built or repaired buildings. It consists of straight chute, accepting chute and accepting floor chute. To reduce the velocity of garbage every 15 m metallic corbel of fastening is set. Chutes are connected with steel chains and carbines. With extinguisher, construction rubble discharger chute is attached to the scaffolding,...

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+380 (44) 492-82-06 COMMUNICATION WELLS Plastic wells are used in the construction of the main, local telecommunications and electricity networks, is designed to accommodate the couplings and the packing of the stock of fiber-optic and power cable. Installed as a pedestrian, and in the transport zone. SEWERAGE WELLS Polyethylene wells are used in the construction of sewerage and water supply systems. For connecting pipes necessary branch pipes are welded. Advantages of plastic wells compared to concrete and reinforced concrete wells: rigidity; sealing compounds; does not require additional painting; resistance...

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Agro Tanks for sprayers Tanks for trailed agricultural sprayers Tanks for Mounted agricultural sprayers Agro-Series tanks are produced since 2007. They are designed according to suggestions of producers of agricultural machinery. These products were repeatedly improved to reflect operating experience and are being brought to a high degree of reliability. Agro-series tanks passed bench tests in Ukrainian Agricultural Technologies Research Institute. * Versions with inner breakwaters are available Due to low center of gravity agro tanks are resistant to rollover. When washing agro tanks there is...

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Tanks for Planters, elements of reaping machines Working closely with manufacturers of agricultural machinery, Ukrhimplast® annually introduces and launches new kinds of plastic products. We produce several types of bins for planters, as well as various tanks for agricultural machinery: Bins for mineral fertilizers Grain bins Tanks for seed dressing elements of reaping machines In 2012, the company started to develop and manufacture a set of plastic components for the reaping machines . Our company developed special program which lets manufacturers of agricultural machineryin the shortest possible...

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«UKRHIMPLAST» Ltd. offers a wide range of tanks and containers for foods, water, fuels and chemicals of Ukrhimplast® Tanks are widely used as in both industrial and household purposes. Tanks are reusable to storage of liquid, bulk chemicals, foods and drinking These tanks are made by rotational molding from highstrength, anti-frost, food polyethylene. Given that the molding of products takes place without any pressure, all products receive a seamless and are very strong. Additional strength is provided by ribs and product shape. On tanks it`s possible to install fittings of different diameter...

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V100/V250/V320 V300-V10000 Tanks for household use. Due to the special recesses they are convenient to be carried by hand. Neck of large diameter allows to conveniently wash tank. Tank type

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G150-G5000 In contrast to V-Series tanks low center of gravity of horizontal G-series tanks provides complete stability. V=140 l. Black color provides water heating by the sun. The tapered bottom ensures 100% water emptying.

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PLANE TANKS Go through a standard doorway. Take up little space at the room. Easy to transport. The hole in the middle allows to conveniently attach tank, and stands also as a stiffening rib. RECTANGULAR TANKS Tank type This series is specially designed for easy storage and transportation of products. Special recess on the bottom of the tanks corresponds to the cover diameter and enables stable stacking of SG-tanks. When storing and sending a large number of tanks, storage and transport costs are significantly reduced.

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