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U.69 Carbon - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

U69 carbon's conception responds to our desire of putting new technology at the service of new sensations ! An exclusive new design in association with hi tech manufacturing, which uses advanced materials to improve Well equipped for coastal cruising or excursions in open water, the U69 can also be very sporty and easily pass 40 knots while keeping stability and comfort! Scuba-diving, fishing, spear fishing, water-skiing or wakeboarding, the U69 is adapted to all types of nautical Xavier Pillet introduces on the market the first serial Carbon and Kevlar rib. Thanks to his passion for nautical sports...

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Thick Epoxy Carbon Light core sandwich 25mm Kevlar reinforced keel and stem. High technology for a strong light weight construction

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INNOVATIVE HULL The large beam, placed on transom creates a "virtual" extension of the length of the boat over all, once on a plane, and therefore Increases the maximum speed. The relatively vertical bow provides a useful maximum length and a sharp entry Into the water. The two transverse "steps" across the bottom ventilate the wet surface reducing friction during motion. The brand new 2008 design Increase high speed stabi- lity allowing a 250 HP engine. HYPALON-NEOPREN TUBES ORCA 1600 dtex quality a10 years Insurance. 40 to 50 cm ribs diameter for design and comfort 5 independent chambers with...

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LIFE SPACE The design of the deck offers large space on board. Passengers move easily and enjoy easy access to the water with the 2 platforms. The boat is equipped with a two-seat driving console, integrating a front seat with a leaning post. The rear bench and the leaning post combine to become a tanning platform (120 cm wide) or a bench The front platform can accept an extension so as to become another even more spacious tanning platform. An icebox is integrated into the leaning post. A support for the bow sheave with a retractable cleat, finished In teak, allows for easy anchoring and facilitates DETAILS...

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ... Hypalon Orca with 5 chambers and overpressure valves ... Sandwich Epoxy Carbon

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