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Ultraprobe 100 - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Efficient ultrasonic leak detection & valve testing for saving energy, time & money The Ultraprobe® 100 is a practical tool for any leak detection, steam trap inspection or me­ hanical troubleshooting program. c Simple to use – find compressed air and steam leaks and prevent machinery failure with this unique instrument. Why Ultrasound Technology is the smart approach to inspection: • Ultrasound is very directional and localized • Ultrasound can be easily blocked or shielded • ltrasound instruments can be U used in noisy environments • hanges in Ultrasound provide early C warning of potential problems • Ultrasound instruments are easy to use! The Ultraprobe® 100 features an 8-position sensitivity dial with decibel indications. In addition, it features an LED bar graph display in which each LED equals approximately 3 dB - ideal for calculating decibel levels. UP100KT Ultraprobe® 100 Kit • UP 100 Pistol with LED Bar Graph Meter • 8 Position Sensitivity Selection • Scanning Module • Rubber Focusing Probe • arble Tone Generator (WTG-1) W with Battery Recharger Test steam traps • eluxe Headphones D • Volt Alkaline Battery Replaceable) 9 • ylon Cordura Soft Carrying Case N • omprehensive Instruction Manual C • Stethoscope Module

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Pressure & Vacuum Leak Detection Valve Seat Leak Detection Exhaust System Leaks Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Condensers Steam Trap Inspection Bearing Testing Gear/Gear Box Inspection Wind Noise/Water Leaks/Hatches General Mechanical Inspection & Trouble Shooting Tanks, Pipes, Leak Testing, etc. Electrical Inspection Ultraprobe® 100 Specifications Construction UP100SC Ultraprobe® 100 Stethoscope/Scanner Kit Includes scanning module & stethoscope module. UP100S Ultraprobe® 100 Scanner Kit Includes scanning module & rubber probe. UP100C Ultraprobe® 100 Stethoscope Kit Includes contact module. Circuitry...

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