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Catalogue excerpts

Super Yacht Sub 3 100 / 200 / 300 meters “Finally a compact submersible specially developed for super yachts”

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Your own submersible on board!

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More and more owners of existing or future super yachts are deciding to take a personal submersible on board their vessel. This was unthinkable just a short while ago as submersibles were generally considered too big and too heavy for operations from a super yacht. The necessary adjustments to the submersible and the yacht itself were often deemed to be overly complex and costly. Generally, there was also the common belief that operating and maintenance costs were high and that the preparation for actual diving operations were complicated and time-consuming. Since the recent introduction of the...

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Safety first! The safety of our owners is of course the most important concern when designing and building submersibles. U-Boat Worx will never compromise on this design objective. We surpass even the highest standards for safety. Each submersible is equipped as standard with our wide range of safety features- including many that are not obligatory. All our submersibles are fully classed by the highly respected classification society DNV-GL. In addition, the submersibles can be delivered with additional certification by the Flag State, for example the Cayman Island Shipping Registry. Classification...

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Safety first! Continuous positive buoyancy The SYS3 automatically rises to the surface if the pilot doesn’t take any action. Passive systems U-Boat Worx maintenance and annual survey program Pressure tested up to 4x deeper than operating depth Advanced U-Boat Worx Information System (UIS) High visibility underwater and at the surface Comprehensive Pilot Training Program 2 independent life support monitors Zero-Entanglement exterior design Retractable Freeboard Extender Perfect unobstructed view Extreme surface stability Classification by DNV-GL Maximum Depth Protection Safety Buoy The Safety Buoy...

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Surface stability A high and stable topdeck assures you and your guest's easy and safe boarding of the SYS3. High visibility underwater No components of the submersible obstruct the view of the passengers and pilot, allowing for safe and accurate manoeuvring Monitors over 150 systems and notifies the pilot about any unusual activities.

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Yacht integration Compact without compromise The SYS3 was designed from the outset to operate from a super yacht. Storage in your yacht’s garage will not be a problem thanks to the SYS3’s ultra-low height and compact footprint – just 7 m2. .6 Easy launch and recovery One of the most important elements in the operation of a submersible is the launch and recovery. U-Boat Worx has devoted much time and effort developing the ultimate launch and recovery solution for the SYS3, which includes low weight, small dimensions and multiple lifting points. Lifting the submersible may be done on a single point....

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Single lifting Point Adjustable side lifting points

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Minimal ancillary equipment required To keep maintenance low we’ve used only non-corrosive materials in building the SYS3. Giving the submersible a thorough fresh water rinse after a dive is all you need to worry about. Recharging and refilling is simple and straightforward thanks to the external connections. Our Lithium-ion Battery System also makes recharging a plug-and-play operation. Little other maintenance is needed, hence the low running costs. Once a year the SYS3 needs to be inspected by the certification authorities – something we help to organize. Thanks to the efficient design the...

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Minimal space required Super Yacht Sub 3 Battery charger Air compressor

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Performance under pressure Particular care and attention is given to the design and production of the Human Pressure Vessel, which ultimately is the heart of a submersible. Keeping the occupants at 1 atmosphere of pressure – the same as experienced at the surface – allows you to go deep and stay long without having to worry about decompression sickness. At a depth of 300 meters, every cm2 of the acrylic viewport is exposed to a force of +/- 30 kg. This means the entire surface of the acrylic viewport easily resists a total force of almost 3,600 tons. It is remarkable technology, and also proven...

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Undisturbed view The SYS3 is an absolute thrill to dive. The fully acrylic hyper-hemispherical viewport gives you the best panoramic view of the underwater world possible. We have also successfully created unobstructed downward visibility. Having the possibility to look down is very important. After all, a lot of activity takes place on the seabed and across the reef surfaces. By intelligently positioning the acrylic viewport and the individual components of the submersible, all occupants are guaranteed to experience the finest uninterrupted views. As owner of the SYS3 you will get closer and...

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Comfort and luxury details With the SYS3, we have aspired to create the ultimate in luxury interior design. When on board the SYS3, you will enjoy exciting views from a sumptuous chair in a comfortable air-conditioned environment. Just as on the surface, the occupants remain at an atmospheric pressure of 1 bar. There is no need to wipe away condensation from the window as we have included a powerful air conditioner with variable airflow that is adjustable from each seat. You can also enjoy music from a hi-fidelity Bluetooth sound system and even chill your favourite bottle of wine in a cold storage...

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MANTA Controller We have developed a special steering device to control our submersibles; the Mobile Apparatus for Navigation, Trim & Agility, or the MANTA Controller. The MANTA Controller combines all functions needed for handling and steering the submersible. The light-weight and compact controller empowers the pilot and brings the controls to his fingertips. The combination of the thruster configuration and the MANTA Controller give the pilot the complete freedom to navigate. On the MANTA controller, you will find two 3-axes joystick controls. These two joysticks make the submersible move in...

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